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2015 Goals – How Did I Do?

20th December 2015

Last year, on New Years Eve 2014; I wrote this blog post. It was to my future self, writing down all my hopes and goals for 2015. I wanted to be able to compare one year one, and hopefully look back on a great year. 

So how did I do?

The first goal I had, was to treat my body with more care. I honestly think I’ve done that this year. It’s not been perfect, and I’ve still had periods where I wasn’t kind to myself. But overall I think I’ve taken huge steps and I’m so happy about this. 

Secondly, I wanted to challenge myself. Especially with my creativity and career. Ha. This one is amazing to be honest, because I simply hoped I’d be teaching myself new things and progressing in my personal time with creative things I loved. Little did I know this blogging/design/social media thing would lead me to full time self employment. I’m so fucking happy. I couldn’t be more grateful for how well 2015 went. I am progressing all the time, and hopefully 2016 will see that continue.

Finally, I hoped to be kind. As I mentioned in the original post, I considered myself a kind person anyway; but I wanted to truly become someone known for it. I wanted to know I’m doing everything I can to make a difference to others. Whether it’s a day to day smile at strangers, message hello to old friends, a surprise gift to someone deserving, or encouraging someone in some way. Did I achieve this one? Fuck.. I hope so! This is EXACTLY what #GirlGang is all about. This was how it was born, from this one singular idea. So yes.. I think I did it. I spend all my time trying to be a positive and encouraging person, and while I’m not perfect, I’m trying. I feel so happy about this.

2015 has been so amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a better year. I’m incredibly blessed, and I can only hope 2016 is just as awesome. 

Some highlights of this year have been the following;

1. Going self employed.

2. Winning 2 blog awards.

3. Going to so many amazing blog events.

4. Meeting so many blogging besties & inspirations.

5. Setting up #GirlGang.

6. Gaining confidence in my artwork.

7. Getting opportunities that take my breath away.

8. Visiting new places.

Thank you 2015, you’ve been fucking brilliant.

So, what do I hope for 2016? I’ll leave all that ambitious stuff for another post… look out for this years new years post! 🙂

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