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Drunk Dork 2

25th December 2015

It’s that time again guys, I’VE HAD A DAMN DRINK. It’s okay, it’s Christmas.

Also Im reaallly trying to not make spelling mistakes this time. Maybe I’ll get someone to spell check before I publish, who knows. If you see some, it’s not my fault.

Today/tonight’s drink of choice has been purely prosecco, classy and that,

OH god I love chatting bloggers because it’s like no other friendhsips I have to be honest. But ot makes me CRAZZZYY honest. Thing sI don’t talk about to other people, I say to these bloggie gals. This si both amazing and terrible. Especially if drunk, ARHHH.

And tonight’s music of choice is Eminem, nothing else. Because WHY NOT he is the best after all. Also I dunno if I’ve mentioned on the blog before but I had a little cry when I seen him live finally. I was just a few feet away from him and I sobbed like a little girl! It was like all my dreams come true. I’ve loved him since I was around 12, and I’m now 27, sooo… RAP GOD.


Where do I wanna visit? I wana go to America – especially Seattle. I havent ever been but it feels like it’d be a second home to me, and Im supposed to go there. After that, I;d most love to go to Japan and be the most kawaii dork I could ever be and get lost in all the Hello Kittyness and be in the city and love the lights and feel free,

QUALITIES – Fuck… spontaneity- I am so proud I wrote that while drunk. Yes, being spontaneous and fun is important. Trust is huge for me, if I let people in its usaully for life, and if you fuck that up .. well that’s usually for life too.

^ Cred. Sort of.

Secretly scared of? Everyone seeing all the awfulness about me. Im not funny, Im not quirky, Im not nice, Im not good, Im not any of it. And then everyone will hate meeee. Yep.

Secret that could change lives? Yes. I do. Im not sure about whether if its a good or bad thing. FUCCKKKK.

Album question is so hard, but it would consist of Eminem, Placebo, Blink, The Cure, Linkin Park, The Distillers, Bon Iver anddddd Fall Out Boy. Off the top of my head like. HOW HARD is that question hahaha.

Some people on Twitter also asked what my super power is – as a white English girl I feel its fucking  amazing I can rap along to most Eminem songs without losing a beat.

And also, what my favourite things is RIGHT NOW – this would be drinking and friends. YES <3

Life is so confusing all the time. Admittedly I’m drunk, I know. But there’s always SOMETHING super confusing or stressful or fucked up going on isnt there? Or is that just me? If you’re life is totally stress and confusion free, can you comment below please and let me know what that’s like? Genuinely love to know! There is so much I could really talk about here, be useful to vent about.. and yet I can’t. I have so much I need to spill and not a single place I can do so. UGHH.

Twenties are hard kids. Try to avoid that. I’m not sure if the way Im feeling is normal, or Im totally foolish for even feeling this way. I have so many doubts. I wish I could run away and be with friends and be drunk and not have to face reality at all sometimes. LE DREAM. APOLOGIES that none of this makes sense hahaha.

Anyway, dreams for 2016′? More adventures. Yes please. I’ve made plans for some, to guarantee it. YERSS

Tonight I’m gonna share another drunk experience with you all before I go.

I can remember it was my birthday – I think I was around 19. And a huuge group of people came out drinking in town for it. For reals, I duno what I did that year but I was popular as fuck. Dont worry, its not bragging – its never happened since hahahaha. Anyway, I got SO EFFING DRUNK. I was a total mess. It was so good though (at first) and we were in the K and Liverpool people will know that means I love emo/goth/metal music hahaha. Anyway giving it beans and yeah I started having a cry because my hair was in my face (really) and I didnt have a bobble, because I gave my last one to my friend Clare. I made my boyfriend at the time go get it back off her while I sobbed on some stairs. Then when he brought me it I tied my hair up and threw up. On the stairs. In the club. As you do.

We then all went to get Subway before taxis home, because it was open all night. Woo! I got a mega fucking long ass meat thing. I didn’t even eat it. Just sat on the pavement by the taxi rank and hugged my sandwich. We then all got cabs home and I had to have the window down and as I stuck my head out for fresh air (and to ensure no more sick) I reflected on how good life was. My mate Charlie stayed in mine. We shared a bed and she put up with me drunk rambling and kicking her. My sandwich was next to the bed. I woke up and got upset that I hadn’t put it in the fridge.

Anyway, I’m gonna go text Charlie now and see if she remembers. And if we can do that again.

I love you all <3

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