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Hair Rescue

12th December 2015


If you’ve stuck around here with me for more than a month or two then you’ll know I’m not usually a raven haired goth, but rather a colourful peacock keen to show off all it’s colours. In 2015 alone, I’ve had pink hair, brown hair, blue hair, purple hair, green hair and now black. It’s fair to say I like change. However with this decision to be changing how I look so drastically, every few months; it means my hair can take some pretty swift damage. It’s the reason why I keep my hair shoulder length and get it cut often, I trim off the damage I do so there’s no evidence around. Mwhahaha. I also have a hefty supply of hair extensions in every colour so I can even change the length of my hair on demand.

So with me doing this much damage regularly, I have to really think about what products I use on my hair. The folk over at Corpore Sano sent me some of their hair care range, with Shampoo and conditioner to try out on my tresses; and I was keen to see if it would do me any good.


In all honestly I didn’t find the smell or packaging very appealing, and I think this is something that should definitely be improved, because it’s one of the biggest factors when choosing hair products for me (and I’m sure a lot of others!). However I did find the products themselves really great! The shampoo went a long way with only a small amount and left my hair feeling really refreshed and super clean, without stripping away at my natural oils. The conditioner was the one I was most worried about, as I love a good conditioner but I’m very fussy with them. I can tell a cheap one a mile off when using it, and I need something that really soaks in deep into my hair to make it feel soft and luscious. I had absolutely no problem with the Corpore Sano conditioner; it left my hair super soft and silky, and I could feel the difference even in the shower still. After I had gotten out and dried my hair I was left with shiny hair that looked well cared for, so I was extremely happy.


I’ll definitely keep these products close by, and hope over time they help keep my hair in tip top condition! 🙂


Have you tried any new hair care products lately?





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