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Five Favourite Beauty Blogs

28th January 2016
five favourite beauty blogs

*Warning. These bitches will make you buy shit…

Hi guys! I hope you’ve all had a great week so far.

After the success of my recent blog post; 5 Favourite Creative Blogs – I thought I’d keep sharing my faves with you guys, and do a little series. I’ll also be featuring my favourite lifestyle blogs, that blogs that always give me a giggle, and more. So keep your eyes peeled for those. In the meantime, today I thought I could share my favourite beauty blogs – each just as wonderful as the other. I have so many other favourites old and new, but these are the five go-to blogs for me when I want some great beauty recommendations. It’s worth noting, none of them ONLY blog about beauty – but they are certainly the people who make me want to read about their beauty products most. I hope you enjoy!

Tea Party Beauty

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll already know I’m in love with Hayley. She’s a babe, and I love to bug her all day long. I’m very lucky she’s become a close friend over the past year; but I was genuinely always her little fangirl anyway! Her blog always makes me laugh, no matter what she is talking about, and she has this incredible talent of making EVERYTHING seem appealing. Whenever she posts on the latest beauty product she’s been trying, you can guarantee I’ll be eyeing it up with lust. Her photography is phenomenal, her reviews are truly honest and detailed, and she delivers every post with sass. I love her. Go follow. Also, she doesn’t just write about beauty, but she was always going to be on my Top 5 Beauty Bloggers.

Little MissFii

Fii is a little bubble of glittery magic, who never fails to make me smile. Fii posts a little of everything, and it’s worth mentioning her out of the day posts always give me serious envy. However, the reason she’s in this list is because she’s one of the first people I visit whenever I need advice/recommendations on Korean beauty! I love collecting unique pieces and Korean beauty is rampant with adorable finds, as well as great quality, if you know where to look. Enter Fii. Looking to try something new/different? She’s probably got a tonne of recommendations for you.

Anoushka Loves

This bitch! I love her, she knows it, and demands it tbh, haha! She’s my one stop beauty central for everything I should/shouldn’t be buying, and constantly teasing me with her purchases. Especially since she travels so much and gets all sorts that we can’t usually here in little ol’ England. Anoushka tells it like it is, takes absolutely stunning photographs, shares her in depth beauty knowledge and still manages to make me not hate her. HOW does she do this? God knows.. 😉

Brooke Elise

My only American cutie! And what a cutie she is. This sassy, fiery, red-haired goddess gives me all the envy. For everything; her face, her photographs, her sass, her planner and her beauty choices. Whether its pretty palettes, or lipsticks I’m lusting over – I can always find something on her blog to tempt my band card out of my purse. Also she gives me ALL the lip envy. Simply LOOK at that pout. Just perfect. Visit Brooke for honest, helpful reviews and a great girl on top.

Thumbelina Lillie

If you don’t already know and follow Megan, shame on you! Okay not really, but you should be. Megan is one of my absolute favourite bloggers ever, for a multitude of reasons; but I’ll stick to her beauty posts for today. Possibly one of my favourite people for blog photos EVER, Megan never fails to clearly show every product she features in the best light, along with the most honest reviews. I appreciate that she features both high end and bargain products, and also writes about everything from makeup to hair products – anything that gets my hair looking like hers is a winner! 

And those are my top five bloggers I go to for beauty advice! Don’t forget I’ll be doing more posts like these featuring my other favourite types of bloggers very soon!

Who would be on your list?

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