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Getting Creative With Glitter

31st January 2016
glitter makeup


You may have seen me sporting lots of glitter and colourful makeup recently, if you follow me on Instagram. Perhaps you wondered what the hell I was doing? Well to be honest with you guys, that’s not that unusual for me. I’m a total glitter whore and I love getting creative with makeup – it’s so fun! I may not be the best at applying lip liner, or really mastering a great contour; but you can damn well be sure I’ll try out the most daring looks, and I’ll be happy to go outside my comfort zone.



I recently bought some face glitter/confetti from Dust and Dance, and it gave me an excuse to play about with some colourful creations on my face! I often do this, but I thought it was about time I start sharing some of this on the blog. Because why not eh?

This is something I would genuinely wear to a party and happily also cover my hair in glitter too. I can’t seem to help myself; anything shiny or sparkly attracts me like a magpie. I also loved getting some shots so that I can start to do some colourful edits, and possibly build up a strange/colourful/bright gallery of self portraits or artwork.



I have actually printed out the above edit, and I’m currently collaging and doodling over it in my sketchbook. I find things like this make even the most mundane of diary entries fun too.

I’ll probably be sharing more looks like this again soon, and you can see a previous ‘Mermaid’ look I did a while ago too. Let me know what you think, or if you have any particular styles I should recreate? 🙂


Thanks guys!




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