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What I’m Really Like Behind The Blog

19th January 2016


Dorky. Insecure. Loud. Impatient.


All words which accurately describe me. However sometimes I really feel like just saying words at you guys like that doesn’t get across who I am or what Im really like, away from this blog. I’m always drawn to the truth in people, anything that’s truly relatable. I love people who put it all out there and share things with others even if they look stupid. Especially within the blogging community where we’re trying to be perfect and professional so much of the time – it’s really refreshing when people go against the grain.


So here’s a proper introduction to Jemma. Hello. I’ll try to not ramble too much, but that sort of happens in real life, so I’m never surprised when it happens here on the blog.


I’m 27 years old – I’ll be 28 in April. I hope that you’re all shocked. I hope the comments section gets filled with ‘Oh wow Jemma you seem much younger‘ type of statements, haha. If not… I’ll know I’ve been kidding myself. I was born and raised in Liverpool, and live here still (though I lived in Bolton for a brief and horrible stint) with my boyfriend (he’s from Plymouth) and our cat, Luna.


I try to put my best self on this blog, and only show the fun/exciting/happy parts, just because I get the most enjoyment out of it that way I guess. But I’d also love you guys to know the real shitty things about me, because it’s only fair.

I swear a lot, I’ve got a terrible potty mouth. You probably already knew that. But I love swearing, as long as it’s not totally excessive. I especially love the C word. I won’t actually type it here, because maybe that’s a tad much. But yes, I’m probably not someone you’d describe as ‘ladylike‘. Fuck ladylike tbh.


I’m clumsy too. I spill a drink every single time I go out with friends. Usually over myself, sometimes over them. Always if there’s a table full of fresh drinks. I fall over, even when sober. I trip on everything and anything. I walk into things and I regularly curse at inanimate objects.


Probably one of the biggest misconceptions about me because of this blog is that I’m a super happy/positive person. I’m always there for the LOLZ and after all, I created The Girl Gang! Positivity with a punch! But guys, please believe me when I say that’s something I try to be, and there’s no shame in that. But in real life? I’m a moody cow. I get annoyed if my boyfriend leaves plugs on, can’t find his keys, or god forbid he breathes noisily. Yep, really (no, I dunno how he puts up with me either). I’m also a really crappy morning person too. Would you like to know an actual conversation Gary and I had a few mornings ago? Okay…


*Context- Before you think we’re super lazy, we went to bed at 6am. So when our alarms went off about 11, I wasn’t quite feelin’ it.*

Gary: “Morning babe.”

Jemma: “Mhhmmm”.

Gary: “Ooh, its 11:11 – make a wish!”

Jemma: ………..

Gary: “Jem?”


LOL. Yes. Really. I shouted at him about making a wish, while he was being super cute – haha. Oh god, I know most of you will be reading this like, WOW. But there we go.


I’m also quite demanding. Not with people in general, but just certain expectations. I expect to have your full attention if we’re on the phone, and hate if you get distracted. In fact I’ll not even hide my annoyance, I’ll tell you and hang up. I don’t even like talking on the phone, and only do it every now and again. So if you ignore me you better believe I won’t put up with it. I’m stubborn with phones in general actually. I regularly ignore calls from friends, and immediately text them straight after asking what’s up. So they know it’s really a huge deal if I actually call them.


Something Liv recently discovered about me, is that I’m always late. No matter what time we decide, even if you ask me what time is best for me; I’m always about ten minutes late. I promise I don’t mean it, and I hate this about myself as it’s so rude. But I just don’t seem to plan how long getting ready takes, or getting to places. Please love me anyway.


And finally, I wanted to tell you guys how un-Instagram I am; something I hope a lot of you can relate to. I am the messiest person in the world, and whenever I take blog photos you can guarantee I’ve simply pushed mess out of frame. I never eat super healthy breakfasts, and I don’t look cute tucked in bed with a cuppa (hair like a birds nest and last night’s makeup usually). I only get dressed and do my makeup if I have to and my hair is constantly hidden under hats.

I know I’ve basically slagged myself off a bit today, but it’s all good. Sometimes it’s okay to let the mask slip and show that nobody is perfect (not that I ever claimed to be). I hope this gave you guys a laugh, or made you realise that we all only show certain sides of ourselves on social media.

What are you like behind your blog/social media/public persona?




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