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8 Ways Life Would Be Different Without Instagram

14th February 2016


Where would I be without Instagram? I mean, sure, I can remember living without it, and I can remember my very first post (it was crap); but if I were to go cold turkey NOW? I’d probably be a little lost to say the least. As much as I hate to admit it (Okay I dont, I’m not arsed tbh) I’m definitely addicted to Instagram.


Here’s how I imagine life would be without it.


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1. I wouldn’t know what anybody else was eating. Breakfast, lunches, snacks; where would I get all my inspo from?? I wouldn’t know others favor avocado while I’m munching away on my Frosted Shreddies.


2. I wouldn’t be as motivated. I mean, where would I get my daily quote overload from? If Jackie from Wales didn’t post a morning ‘Live today as if it’s your last!’ quote, then I might have wasted last Sunday sat in my knickers watching cartoons. Oh, wait…


3. Honestly, without Instagram I wouldn’t be so connected with other artists/illustrators/creatives like I am now. I find a lot blogging, but there are so many I chat to and who inspire me; that don’t blog! I can’t imagine not getting this photographic insight into their work.


4. Not as many lols would be had, nosing at people I went to school with. Sure Amy you were popular and bitchy as fuck back then, but not so braggy now that you have 4 kids, no job and can’t even go without making spelling mistake in your Insta caption eh? Maybe you should have listened in English rather than demanding attention every few minutes…


5. Without Instagram, my dress sense would still be like a cross between a 90’s throwback and 2005 emo kid. OKAY IT IS ANYWAY, SORT OF. But I also now know how to style blazers, cute skirt/cardigan combos and even really fancy dresses. Yes, Instagram gives me all the outfit inspiration I need really so I have to be grateful.


6. I wouldn’t know people are as obsessed with their pets as I am! I haven’t gone into full crazy cat lady mode just yet, creating an account just for Luna; but it doesn’t stop me being into other people’s. Yes I want to see your dogs/cats/tortoise’s daily life.


7. Let’s be honest, our photography skills wouldn’t be nearly as good. Sure a lot of us are bloggers are try to improve this skill anyway. But for the average joe, daily photos wouldn’t be a thing otherwise. And isn’t it kind of lovely/hilarious/weird to hear your nan moan about natural light and flat flays? (I imagine. My nannies are both dead and gone, but I’m sure they’d have had a hella good theme otherwise.)


8. Without Instagram wtf would I do while waiting for a bus? Really though??


Could you live without Instagram?



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