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Lush Valentines Collection & More

10th February 2016
Lush valentines haul


unicorn horn lush


Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Lush Market Street Manchester, for a special event celebrating their recent launch of the amazing Valentines collection. It was my first time going to a Lush event, and I was super excited. Especially as I got to go along with Caitlin!


We met up last week; late afternoon for a shop, giggle and a gossip, before heading down to Market Street for the event at 7:30pm. I was so keen to get a proper look at the Valentines range, and have the shop to ourselves without customers! In my local Liverpool store, it’s always SO busy and practically heaving with people that it’s sometimes impossible to have a nice browse and appreciate everything. I was practically giddy at the thought of a quiet browse and being able to take as many photos as I liked.


lush manchester store


lush bubble bar

The staff at Market Street were absolutely amazing – I’d like to say a huge thank you to them for being so welcoming, friendly and helpful to us all on the night. I got some great recommendations when I asked about the best products for my hair, and demonstrations on many of the products too.


After proper introductions and many a photo taken, we were all shown the entire Valentines range in full, with demonstrations and a talk through each product, as well as the gift boxes that are available. I enjoyed comparing all the products, finding new ones to love and learning a little more about Lush in the process too.


After that, was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at an event; we got to make our own comforter bubble bars! We were taken through the process as a group, mixing up the ingredients, creating the white and pink ‘doughballs’, letting them set, then combining them together to create the swirly look we all know and love the Comforter bubble bar to have. Let me tell you though, it wasn’t easy! We all tried our hardest, and as proud of our bars as we were; we can see they don’t look quite the same as the ones we see on the shelves! Not a problem though, I love my own unique ones I had the chance to make. Also we were very generous, so they are HUGE, yay.


lush comforter


lush comforter bubble bars


At the end of the evening we were SO LUCKY to take home our very own gift bags with products from the Valentines range inside AND the Comforter bubble bars we had each made (I made four!). Inside our bags was the Unicorn Horn bubble bar (my fave!), Prince Charming shower gel, Lover Lamp bath bomb, Soft Coeur massage bar, some samples of American Cream conditioner (since I’d been asking about this product to the staff!) and our Comforter bubble bars. We were SPOILED, to say the least.


The Valentines range looks and smells as amazing as you can imagine, with so many wonderful things to try. I’ve already delved into the conditioner, which has left my hair so shiny. I’ve also given Prince Charming a try, and I can confirm it makes me feel like a Princess! So I can’t wait to try the other products too.


The lush fun doesn’t stop there.


I was lucky enough to also catch up with Holly last week, one of my bestest blog friends (and just normal friends, obviously!) around. We hadn’t seen each other in ages, and she absolutely spoiled me with gifts she had gotten me. You guessed it – more Lush! I was over the moon! A whole bag full of treats awaited me. I can’t thank Holly enough, she’s been so kind to me when I really don’t deserve it. I’ll try to list the things she got me here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I forget something…

lush snow angel


lush sex bomb


lush shower gels


So White bath bomb, Snow Fairy shower gel, Sex Bomb bath bomb, Snow Angel bath melt, Candy Mountain bubble bar, Unicorn Horn, and Rose bombshell bath bomb. Phew! She managed to get me so much I hadn’t had a chance to get myself over Christmas, I was absolutely thrilled!

And FINALLY… I also picked myself up Rehab shampoo and Dragons Egg bath bomb. As if I didn’t have enough already.


If you’ve managed to get through this entire post, I salute you.

Now please excuse me while I stay in the bath forever.

Do you have any favourite Lush products?



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