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Making Your Blog Photos Stand Out

22nd February 2016

If you were to ask me what my favourite thing about blogging was apart from actually getting to write and share my thoughts with the world; it would be taking photographs. Over the past 2 years I’ve learned more about photography from blogging than I ever did when I actually studied Photography at A Level in College. Seriously. And it’s been amazing.


At college we learned the basics of how to use different cameras, and how to develop our own images, but I feel that blogging has brought me even more knowledge and passion than my tutors ever did, unfortunately. Blogging has made me want to constantly improve my images and how I can get creative through the lens. I feel I’ve now learned a few things now that help my images stand out, and really represent me and my blog, even when lost in a sea of other bloggers.


The camera I use for all my blog photos, if anyone is interested; is the Canon EOS Rebel T2I. It’s one I’ve had for years, and I basically stole it from Gary, lol. However it is only in recent month’s I’ve really pushed myself into learning how to use it manually, and I’ve found it so helpful. Adjusting even the smallest of settings and focusing yourself can really make an image POP.

However even before, when I took all my blog photos on automatic settings; I stuck to a few rules I think helped me.


1. Get the best lighting possible.

Whether this is taking photos in natural light, or investing in some professional lights is up to you, but really try to use your light sources well. – I should mention I have used only natural light for the past 2 years, but I’m finally investing in some good photography lights next week, yay! People get snobby if you don’t use natural light but you can buy amazing artificial lighting if you really know what to look for. Caitlin is a perfect example; you wouldn’t know that most of her photographs are taken at night, would you?


2. Think about the ‘theme/styling’ in your photo.

There was once a time when if I needed a photo of a product, I would simply bang it down on my white desk and take a quick snap. NOOOO. That would kill me these days, as I’m obsessed with ‘themes’. For example; if I have a new palette to write about; these days I would include other related beauty products (maybe some pretty brushes or a pocket mirror, etc) in the photo too. I think this makes it more interesting to look at, more appealing to your readers, and gives the photo some ‘context’ too. I love this! Try to also consider the colours you’re including. Perhaps you’re going for a clean neutral theme? Don’t bang in a huge green product there then, maybe. Keep it all ‘in theme’?


3. Consider the background.

A lovely, crisp, white background can be perfect for some shots on your blog; and I certainly love to use it too. However don’t be scared to branch out and give some personality to your images. For example, the photo I’ve used in this blog post ^ has a colourful background, which is simply some pretty wrapping paper I found. Posters, magazines, card, even bedding can provide quirky backgrounds to your photos and make them more individual.


4. Don’t be scared to edit.

But don’t overdo! I know, this is a tricky one to describe really without examples. But basically, taking five minutes to slightly brighten your photos or make those yellow tones a little cooler; can really make a huge difference. Let’s not over saturate our lovely images, or completely white wash them out though.


I’m certainly not an expert, and hopefully you all know me well enough to know I’m simply sharing what I DO, and what I FIND works best for me. I get asked a lot about my blog photographs though, and I thought it’d be nice to share my thoughts here for you guys. Everyone works differently though and has different opinions, and this is great! It’s lovely to have a diverse range of people/photographs floating around the blogosphere anyway 😉


Do you have a particular routine for taking blog photos?




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