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Rose Gold Jewellery With Buckley London

9th February 2016
jewellery buckley london

It’s gotten to the point now where I totally associate rose gold with bloggers (the same goes for marble and white space). We can’t seem to help ourselves when we see that gleaming beauty on anything; be it candle holders, stationery, or like me this week; jewellery.

I’m quite particular about jewellery, in that I only wear pieces I truly love. I won’t wear anything that I think is just ‘okay’ – I’ve got to think it’s truly beautiful or totally my style in some way. I’ll happily go without wearing any otherwise. And that’s not to say I’m a total snob either; price doesn’t matter to me. It could cost £1 or £1000, my purchasing something only depends on how much I like it (although if I’m spending £1k I damn well better love it). This means I take a lot of care when it comes to my jewellery collection, each piece is loved and looked after, and brought out for the perfect occasion.

Some of my favourite additions to my slowly growing collection are the pieces from Buckley London I’ve recently been showing off.

jewellery buckley london

jewellery buckley london

jewellery buckley london

The Shoreditch collection has a range of beautiful rose gold jewellery from £25 to £50, which is amazing considering the quality. I’ve been wearing the Shoreditch Ring every single day, and I got it in a large so that I could wear it as a thumb ring; as I thought that suited me best.

I’ve also been drooling over the Button Bracelet, which I love because I think the look is very different to the usual ‘hoop’ bracelets with it’s cute button feature. And finally the Shoreditch Necklace to complete the set, which looks amazing. I feel like this is the one out of the three that I’d save for evening, rather than day wear; as it’s so pretty and dressy.

The only trouble I face now is keeping them from my mum, she’s like a magpie when it comes to jewellery and she’s already eyeing up the ring!

Are you a fan of rose gold jewellery?

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