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50 Things To Post On Instagram

11th March 2016
50 Things to post on Instagram


I love Instagram.

I post every single day, I am forever scrolling through my feed, and I’m obsessed with keeping my Instagram theme colourful. I’m always looking for something I can photograph and so I thought I’d share with you guys some of my ideas, which may help you if you need a bit of inspiration.




1. Your breakfast, lunch or dinner – what are you nibbling on?! πŸ™‚

2. Your planner – I love noseying at people’s planners to see how they decorate it.

3. Your favourite outfit ever.

4. Take a photo of your feet/shoes everyday to document your journeys.

5. Stationery – one of my favourite things to see on Insta is cute stationery!

6. Flowers you see throughout the day.

7. Pretty leaves.

8. A selfie – obvious but lovely! Let’s see your pretty face πŸ™‚

9. Quotes – A great way to break up your photos is with an inspiring quote.

10. Show us your most Insta-worthy makeup, make us jealous!

11. Your window view.

12. Favourite books.

13. Share a photo of someone who inspires you.

14. Quirky jewellery.

15. Magazines – I don’t know why I like seeing what mags you’re buying, but I do!

16. Write down three things you like about yourself, and photograph it! Positive vibes are the best.

17. Artwork – If you’re feeling creative, share your doodles/collages/paintings!

18. Sweet treats – get baking!

19. Fairy lights – always a pretty addition to any theme.

20. Everyone loves a cuppa’ – flat lays of your brew are always a goodun’.


21. Your phone case. We never see this, share it with us!

22. Lush – whether its Lush products, your beautiful pink bath, or inside the shop itself – get Lushing!

23. Nail art.

24. Take a photo of something that makes you happy each day.

25. Your home.

26. Your pets.

27. Got ink? Post your tattoo pics.

28. Balloons – usually to mark a special occasion, so photograph them to remember!

29. Go oldschool – share your childhood photos.

30. The sky.


31. Glitter.

32. Your business cards.

33. Cute stickers! If you collect them like me, you’ll have plenty to share.

34. Neon lights Β – spot any in restaurants or stores while out and about? Snap away!

35. Polaroids – photos OF photos. Photoception.

36. Your favourite art.

37. Got any blogger mail? Let’s see it!

38. Do you collect anything? Stickers, stamps, badges, pins? Post your collection.

39. Take a pic any time you light a candle.

40. Got a friendship bracelet? Take a pic and tag the friend who shares it with you.


41. Having a fun day out? Show us a snippet.

42. Got a particularly pretty bed? Snap snap snap.

43. Cute hair accessories.

44. Confetti – colourful and cute.

45. A sunset.

46. Share any DIY projects you might be working on.

47. Cute pjs. I can’t be the only one who has LOADS & likes seeing others’.

48. Your perfume collection.

49. Your desk/workspace.

50. Whatever the hell you feel like! Instagram is your own place to express yourself, have fun!

Let me know what things you guys enjoy posting on Instagram? πŸ™‚





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