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Books For My Well-Being

15th April 2016


If I casually display books like this on my coffee table, do you think I can fool everyone into thinking I’m a sensible and put together adult? Let’s hope so eh…


How are you gang? Enjoy the week so far? I certainly hope so. It’s been a good one for me, but I’ll do an update post soon on all that. Today I wanted to share a new collection of books that I’m really into lately. I’m wary of calling them ‘self help books‘ as that just sounds so lame and old lady to me. But I guess they are. I always thought that was so uncool, but I can honestly say, keeping things like this on hand, to help me improve my life in some way makes me feel hella good.


As the creator of The Girl Gang, I get questioned often about how I can be so positive, or if I’m forcing it. The answer is, it takes work like everything else, I never force it, and it can be so damn rewarding. I need a little help every now and again, just like everyone. These are some of the books that help me with keeping a healthy mental attitude.


I’m sure everyone and their crazy grandma has heard of Calm by Michael Acton Smith by now. It’s really made the rounds of the blogosphere anyway. It’s a book filled with creative prompts, interactive activities, inspiration and helpful instructions on how to lead a calmer, more fulfilling life. I’ve loved this book for months now, and I really find it helpful when I need some ‘chill out time’. I love how beautiful each page is, and the regular tips on how to feel more grateful, loved, relaxed or in tune with yourself – are amazing.

Radical Self Love from the one and only Gala Darling was the next addition to my collection, and I was so eager to try this one as I love the lady herself. For those of you who don’t know, Gala is a well known positivity blogger and advocate of self love. This book is a recent triumph of hers and a guide to living your dreams, and loving yourself. While I haven’t finished this book in it’s entirety yet; that’s only because my time is so limited, rather than an issue of keeping me hooked. I do regularly delve into this and find something that fills me with joy or a feeling of content, each and every time. The passion with which she writes is inspiring, and the book is split into a variety of helpful topics; such as friendship, relationships, daily magic and more. I dare you to read this and not feel a little more love.


And finally is my most recent addition, Emotional Agility from Susan David. This book is all about bringing inner peace, achieving goals (you know how I’m a fan of goals) and make real positive life changes. Through fascinating research she talks about how our minds can naturally develop bad habits, and how we can work to change it, and live a more positive life. This is hard, I can safely say. But well worth the task. I’ve started using some of her prompts and remembering to be more mindful, which really helps. I’m hoping with more practise, this will be something that truly helps me to train myself to think less damaging thoughts.

Each of these books feel like I’ve started a collection of quality reading, that will hopefully really help improve my life. And each one is so inspiring in different ways!

Do you have any books for your well-being? What would you recommend?





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