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Colourful Post

2nd April 2016
colourful princess stickers

If you don’t already know it; I’m a sticker obsessive guys. I don’t just mean I like decorating the odd notebook here and there. I mean I have a huge box just for stickers. I collect them, I crave them, and I obsess over where I will use them. I’m so precious with them too, especially if they’re super special.

So this week, I got the cutest mail ever from the lovely Kayley; an illustrator who has inspired me for a long time now. We got talking on Instagram ages ago, and ever since then I’ve been obsessed with this girl. She’s a bloody delight!

Anyway, the point is; I put in an order on her Etsy shop recently, for the cutest darn stickers ever (I just couldn’t resist) and she included some other ADORBS things in my mail, so I basically squealed at the postman when it arrived.

colourful princess stickers print illustration

stickers print colouring

colourful princess stickers print illustration

Colourful or what? This girl knows me well, and I appreciated the rainbow burst that awaited me. In my lovely package of happiness was EXTRA stickers (I die), the cutest postcard, a lifetime membership card because I’m an official princess now, a beautiful print and one of Kayley’s brand new colourfing notebooks she’s going to be selling soon! YAY. 

I wanted to share the love today because I love Kayley, and I ADORE her work. It’s fun. unique, colourful and always pretty. Plus getting this in the post basically made my month!

Have you received anything nice in the post recently?

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