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Sleepover Guide For 1

24th April 2016
I hope this week has been kind to you, and you’re ready to pamper yourself a little! Because today I thought I’d share with you some ideas on how to make your very own sleepover for one! Yes that sounds like we’re 12 years old again doesn’t it? But sometimes it’s really nice to indulge in a pamper session, and if we can make it extra fun, Why not?
bath bombs

I have a boyfriend who works night shifts, and I work from home; this means I spend a lot of my time alone. Unless I purposefully make plans with friends or family;I’m hanging out with the cat most days! This, paired with the fact that I’m my own boss, means I really have to make specific time off for myself. It’s easy to imagine I get to do what I want all day long, but the reality is that I’m really strict with myself, and I have to work constantly to bring money in. Last month I really worked myself hard, and I ended up going to the doctors because of it. I was exhausted!

From now on, I make sure to take one night a week for myself where I’m not allowed to even think about work. It’s actually really hard, but I’m doing well so far. So I decided to share my ultimate sleepover for 1 guide! For whenever you’re having a night in alone; and I hope it makes you smile.

1. Start by indulging in the most relaxing bath ever. Pop a bath bomb under the hot water, add any oils you may want, and light some candles. Bonus points if you add chilled out music and a face mask.


2. Once out, get in your comfiest jammies and set up camp on the sofa with all your blankets and pillows for ultimate comfort levels.


3. Give yourself princess nails, before treating yourself to some sweeties while popping on your favourite movie or box set. Perfection.


4. Get creative while you chill out; find awesome crafts from Pinterest. You could make handmade cards, paint something or just get stuck into a colouring book.


5. And finally before bed, take fifteen minutes to read. Maybe a chapter from a new book, or just catch up with a magazine. Then allow yourself to drift off into a blissful sleep!


Have the best day, and most relaxing evening guys! 🙂




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