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DIY Cute Storage Box

14th May 2016
DIY cute storage box

Happy weekend folks! I hope you’re all having a good one πŸ™‚

I promised more creative/crafty/DIY posts over here on this blog, and today I am keeping that promise! Maybe they’re not really your thing, but I adore these types of posts and thought it’d be fun.

Since I’m planning to make DIY’s a more regular feature, I thought I’d start off easy today with a simple storage box DIY. This’ll be good if you want to make your office space look cuter, provide a new place for makeup (those ALEX drawers from IKEA aren’t cheap!) or create a place just for those little knick-knacks we all have hanging around.

What you’ll need:

– Any old box/container of choice.
– Wrapping paper/sheets of colourful paper.
– Scissors.
– Washi tape.
– Clear tape/glue.
– Card.

Choose a box or container that you’d like to use; consider its size and height to make sure it will hold whatever items you’ll be storing. As you can see, I went for my old Instax box as it was a nice size for what I needed.

Then comes the fun part; how do you want to decorate it?! I used a lilac sheet of paper to cover the outside, securing it in place and making the top look neater with washi tape covering the edges. I also used green and yellow paper for the inside of the box, so that mine was super colourful.

I then wanted to add cute little details to the outside, so I cut up lots of pieces of colourful paper into triangles, then taped them onto the front of the box. You could glue them if you wished, however I wanted mine taped.

Mine looks pretty 90’s – like an homage to ‘Saved By The Bell’ almost, haha. You can go for which ever theme you like thoughof course. Maybe rose gold? Maybe add stickers, cute confetti, magazine cut ups? Endless possibilities!

As you can see I tried out a range of items to use this for, but ultimately I loved using it as a storage box for notebooks and sticky notes. It’s now got pride of place in my office right on my desk, and it adds such a cute little pop of colour to the space.

More and more DIY posts coming soon, I hope you liked this!

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