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Elf Makeup

12th May 2016
elf cosmetics makeup

I recently decided to put in a little order with ELF Cosmetics, as it’s been absolutely ages since I last got anything from them. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from them before though, so I was keen to try something new!

I picked up the Tone Correcting Powder in ‘cool’, lipstick in ‘Classy’, Soothing Lip Balm in ‘Strawberry Creme’, and the Brightening Eye Color palette in ‘Butternut’.

elf cosmetics makeup beauty

I was really drawn to the tone correcting powder because… honestly it’s just so pretty isn’t it? Those colours! Haha. I know that shouldn’t be the reason for buying, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m lucky it was the cool version of the palette, because that’s best suited to my pinkish/red toned skin anyway. The colours are best used blended together; the blue neutralises orange, the green neutralises the red, the pink neutralises the grey and the yellow brightens and neutralises redness. I foud it to be a lightweight formula that applies nicely, and mattifies my face a little which is great as it absorbs any moisture. I really liked this and it was only £4.50 so I’d definitely buy again!

My favourite item of all was definitely the lipstick in ‘Classy’ – it’s so BEAUT! It applies so soft, smooth and easy. The shade looks much darker and pinker than it actually is, and I’m okay with that.

As you can see from the swatch, it’s a beautiful, light, slightly mauveish/pink tone. I absolutely ADORE this lipstick, so much so that it’s become my daily lipstick choice for sure.

The soothing lip balm is super soft and gorgeous, and keeps my lips really hydrated. Total winner! I’ve been applying this in the evenings and before bed at night and my lips have been buttery soft. It also has a yummy strawberry scent too.

And finally the eyeshadow palette – I enjoyed this and I’ve been using the shades for a great daily nude smokey look, so at only £2 it was a bargain!

Have you tried Elf products before?



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