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I’m Obsessed With My Pores

24th May 2016

It’s no joke guys, I’m totally obsessed with my pores. I agonise over them daily, and no matter how much I improve them, clear them, minimise them; I’m always after another solution to help make them a little bit better. I use pore strips, the best skincare around, and I study my pores in a magnifying mirror often, to see the damage. It’s probably not healthy, but everyone has their little annoyances, this just happens to be mine.

In fact, I’ve began looking up local beauty salons to see if I can afford to get regular facials; because I’ll gladly pay people to obsess over my pores with me! Haha.

Anyway, that’s why primer is important to me. A good primer can smooth over your pores, hide them, blur them, make it easy to cover up with makeup, the whole shebang! And I’ve been around the block a little with primers for this reason. I’m no snob either, I’ll try the latest expensive one from popular brands, or a local drugstore brand is just as fine with me. In fact, I quite like one I found last year at Wilko’s. It’s not perfect, but it’s quite nice.

So when Hylamide got in touch with me to see if I’d like to try out their Finisher HA Blur*, I jumped at the chance. It claims to blur and minimise pores (yay!), hydrate and plump the skin, and make for a beautiful finish. So I thoroughly put it to the test to compare with some of my other past purchases.

The HA Blur is a white, creamy texture that melts onto the skin within seconds. The formula is much thicker than I expected, and yet it still sets perfectly onto my skin, mattifying my face nicely. It smoothes over easily and leaves a soft yet matte feel, which I really liked. It DOES indeed blur the skin, and make my pores less visible, so I was truly happy about this! However my favourite aspect was how smoothly and easily my makeup applied on after this. It is easily the best of all my primers for this!

This product is even able to apply on after foundation too, so you can try it out and see which you prefer!

I would easily give this product a 10/10 and will definitely be purchasing this again.

I think Luna liked it too!

Have you ever tried Hylamide?



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