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15 Things To Be Thankful For

16th June 2016
15 things to be thankful for

Let’s face it; life is sometimes crappy, bad hair days happen, things go wrong, people hurt us and the world keeps on spinning out more ways to make us feel shittier each day. It’s tempting to give in sometimes and get a little down about it all, but mostly I think really trying to keep a positive attitude can make a big difference to your personal well being. Remind yourself of all the great little things around you, and things might start to look a little rosier again.

So today, here are my 15 things I feel thankful for;

1. The rain. It’s glorious, calming, comforting and full of relief after a week of constant heat. I would never tire of the rain. Even if I get caught in it and my hair gets wrecked and my feet are cold, I do still bloody love a good rainy day.

2. New underwear. Whether someone else is seeing it or not, is there anything as fabulous as new underwear? Shaking my arse around in my new Hello Kitty knicks is the best thing ever.

3. Chocolate. I’ve done really good the past month and totally cut out crappy food and drinks from my diet, but let me tell you; that doesn’t stop me appreciating the wonder of chocolate. Instant feel good-ness(? lol). Did you know it was the Aztecs who basically discovered chocolate? Them lads are ledges.

4. Blogging. It;s just damn good isn’t it, tbh? Perks include regular creative boosts, using your brain daily to write, meeting new people, and being given the odd freebie. Yep, I love it. I’m thankful I’ve found my little part of the internet.

(It’s just occurred to me that numbers 1-4 are basically describing my perfect day. So for my next birthday just bring me all the chocolate, new undies, do a rain dance for me and basically leave me to blog, okay? Okay.)

5. Photography lights. This might sound lame, but I’m so thankful for mine. It means my photography has greatly improved, and I’m not restricted by how the British clouds are feelin’.

6. Ice. For when that sunny thing comes out to play and I can’t take the heat because I am clearly meant to be an Inuit.

7. Friends. Old or new, those ones who stick around, support and send good vibes. Even the ones I haven’t met yet. They’re pretty great.

8. New bed sheets. Oh my god, new sheets. Go shave your legs right now, moisturise your whole body, then get into a bed of new, freshly washed sheets. Do it. I dare you not to writhe around like you’re in an advert for something or other.

9. Health. I’m not about to run any marathons or be a spokesperson for the ultimate health role model or anything… HOWEVER, I am so grateful that I have an able body that doesn’t restrict me or cause me much pain. I don’t take that for granted.

10. Pink. Bit of a weird one? Oh well. I bloody love the colour pink.

11. Getting mail. I looove getting good post. No billd or anything boring, obviously. I love snail mail, presents, blog related things, random cards, whatever. Happy mail is the best.

12. Now TV/Netflix. I regularly have these two sources of TV to thank for binge watching shows until 6am. Most notably Broad City, Greys Anatomy and Criminal Minds. Which brings me to….

13. Matthew Gray Gubler. Fuck.Ing.Hell.YAS. All the hot flushes. I am so grateful for MGG, haha.

14. Green tea. It’s my jam yo.

15. Pretty stationery. Because oh my god it’s the bestest. Just take all of my money Paperchase.

What things are you guys feelin’ thankful for?




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