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5 Things You Learn When Living With A Partner

1st June 2016


When Disney told us we’d find Prince (or princess!) Charming, they left Cinderella and the gang to go off into the sunset, and we were left thinking that happily ever after into blissful perfection was a given. However what happens when they get home? Does Charming ever get annoyed with Cinderella’s constant singing? Does she get riled up if she has to tidy up after him? I started thinking about these things and giggling to myself, when I recently watched through some of my favourite Disney fairy tales.


I’ve lived with more than one partner before, and now I’ve lived with my boyfriend Gary for over 3 years. So today I wanted to talk about some of the things I realised from living with a partner.


1. You’re more aware of all your own bad habits.

I knew I wasn’t exactly little miss homemaker, but living with someone for this long really heightens your awareness for all your own terrible habits. I realised I really am a messy cow, I’m always the first one to clutter the sink with plates and never get around to washing them, and I have my very own floordrobe, much to Gary’s annoyance.


2. You shouldn’t compare.

You’ll never have the same living dynamic or relationship as your friends, so don’t start comparing. It’ll get you nowhere. Find what works for you, enjoy it and let others do what they need. So what if you wish your boyfriend was as tidy as your BFF’s boyfriend? He might be a right bore and would never make a blanket fort with you, pfft! Priorities.


3. You’ll gain a whole new load of skills.

I myself now have regularly cooked, amazing meals – fit for a king. Okay I’m cheating here, I can’t cook for shit. But my boyfriend is an amazing little chef, so woo! His skills benefit us both, and hopefully mine do too.


4. That old cliché of compromise.

Sometimes you’ll have to do things for the other person, sometimes you won’t really want to. But it can make a world of difference, we all know this. Plus it feels good to be grown up.


5. Fun is just as important as anything else.

Sometimes there’ll be stress over bills, sometimes you’ll be pissed off for absolutely nothing. And having someone RIGHT THERE in your face all the time could be a recipe for disaster. However over time you learn how to deal with things better, and a little more constructively. You realise how important it is to make a point of letting things go and having fun together. Make time for each other and do things you both love, it’ll be the best thing about living together that you have a best friend living there with you. So have a movie night together, make a blanket fort, enjoy a surprise midnight feast and so on.

Any of you guys learned something from living with a partner? Let me know!




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