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Beginners Pinterest Guide

17th June 2016
Pinterest Guide

I’m a bit of a Pinterest obsessive, it’s fair to say. I have 57 boards and almost 6000 pins over on my Pinterest, and I’m sure it’ll just continue to grow to be honest. I always liked collecting, even as a kid. Whether it was stickers, Mr Men books, or Pogs. These days I’m still in the habit of collecting, except now it’s a digital version, in the form of pinning.

I love the organisational side of Pinterest, it really satisfies me. I love putting everything into categories, and then saving things for later. Even if sometimes ‘later’ never comes (who can really say they’re ever gonna do ALL the cool DIY pins they save?). I like knowing I have this huge source of information, ideas, inspiration and visuals sitting there ready for whenever I want.

Today I thought I’d share with you a little of my favourite things from my Pinterest, and some little tips; in the hopes that you’ll find this as fun as I do. If you’re new to Pinterest, this might even help spark your interest or give you some idea of the possibilities with it.

Firstly, let me begin by sharing my five rules for my own Pinterest, and how I organise it all. (Remember, this is just my opinion!)

1. Clearly categorise boards, and build them all up well. No boards with just one or two pins, it looks messy.

2. Pin often. Try to spend at least a little few minutes pinning every day. Consistency is awesome.

3. Create a board for your own blog/website, where you can pin images with links back. It’s good to show who you are/what you do, and Pinterest is a great way to promote that in a subtle way.

4. Have a clear bio about who you are, with a photograph and a link. Make it clear to people where they can find you, and make it easy.

5. Have your boards arranged in a nice order (best/most popular/most organised boards) at the top of your Pinterest. Ones you’re still working on, or maybe out of Season, should be at the bottom. And use good, attractive photos for the covers!

Now you’ve made a good start, woo! Next, who to follow? Well here’s the part where I’m like ME, lol.

But no really, here are some pinners I love;

1. Gemma

2. Alyson

3. Zie

4. Emily

5. Fall For DIY

I dare you not to fall in love with that sexy lot. They all have fabulous Pinterest’s IMO, and I could get lost in their board for hours!

Now, here are my 5 favourite boards from my own Pinterest. These are the ones I ADORE, feel super happy with, and I’m always being inspired by.





5. DIY

And to finish off? Here are some pins I’ve been loving this week!…







Let me know if you love Pinterest too, and leave your links below for me to check out! 🙂




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