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Laura Geller And Laura Mercier

24th June 2016
laura geller laura mercier

One of my favourite things in the world, is trying out new makeup. Finding a whole new brand, or simply trying a new range from your favourite brand, can be just awesome can’t it?! If you don’t agree, I just can’t relate sorry, haha. I’m a makeup fiend. I want everything, and I want it now. I’ll try anything, from Primark’s little range, to high end lippies that cost more than my weekly shop. It’s good for the soul, I reckon.

Recently I was contacted about the House of Fraser beauty range (something I’m already a huge fan of!) and was asked if I’d like to try anything? Erm… YES. Yes I would. Now as tempted as I was to run to my favourites; Urban Decay and MAC, I forced myself not to. Sometimes it’s good to try new things. So I opted for two brands I’ve actually not tried at all before. The two Laura’s in fact; Laura Geller and Laura Mercier.

My two favourite beauty products ever, are foundation and lipsticks; they’re just THE BEST THINGS. Plus I love growing my collection of each (one day I’ll share my lipstick collection, I’m pretty impressed with it tbh).

Laura Geller Foundation

So the first thing I chose was the Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation (in Fair), as I’d heard good things about Laura Geller. This particular foundation claims a full coverage of perfect spheres that lay evenly on the skin, using moisturising ingredients and healthy glow for a natural skin finish. So did it live up to the expectations?

Laura Geller Baked Radiance Foundation

Firstly guys, can we talk about the bottle? I just think it’s SUPER pretty, with that frosted glass look and that marble top. Perfectly bloggy, IMO. Anyway, the important bit. I have been wearing this makeup for a full week now, and it’s been through the hot/cold/rainy weather (seriously weird week weather wise) and some long ass days.

Here’s what I know;

A dream! Easy to blend onto the skin, covers red areas and grey circles nicely. Applies smoothly, evenly and quickly. You know how some foundations, even if they’re awesome, you have to really work them onto your skin perfectly? (I’m looking at you Double Wear) Well no worries with this one. Everything is nice and easy, great for in a rush.

Hmm.. let me say this leaves a beautiful glow (Radiance was a perfect name for this) and I was more than happy wearing this for the week. But I think the ‘full coverage’ claims aren’t quite right. I’d say this was a nice medium coverage. It definitely isn’t one I’d pop into the full coverage category (looking at you again Double Wear!). Some foundations I’m happy to wear without powder, but I found I did prefer a powder lightly applied on top of this, just to finish it off a little.

I love it! I really do. This lasted all day on me, come rain or shine, and I can get past the slight difference in coverage expected. It really did give my skin a wonderful radiant glow. I felt sun kissed, even though I’m as pale as anything. Good job Laura Geller! I would happily buy this again, and it’s great for people who don’t love a heavy foundation, and prefer something a little lighter on their skin.

Laura Mercier Velour Lipstick Boudoir

My next choice was a Laura Mercier Velour Lipstick in ‘Boudoir’. Again, another brand I’ve only just gotten around to trying, which was fun! This lipstick claims to team delicate mattifying powders with moisturising mango butters for a match made in heaven. So how did it do?

Laura Mercier Velour Lipstick Boudoir

Firstly I love the packaging, it’s so sleek and simple. However, I would prefer if the bottom label had the shade visually shown, rather than just the name. But that’s just because I like to store all my lipsticks in a stand where I can see all the shades easily. This isn’t a problem really, just my thoughts.

A piece of sheer beauty, this lippie is! Absolute, uncompromising genius. Can you tell I like it? This applies SO buttery, and smoothly; it felt like a treat for my lips. They really do have the moisture down perfectly. And even better? It dries to a matte that still has a kick of buttery-ness to it. This velvet lipstick is going in the ‘faves’ list for sure.

This baby is a goodun’. I ate, I drank, I kissed. Gary enjoyed having this printed on his face, honestly. And this lipstick really did last me a good few hours before I felt it needed a touch up. And all throughout, my lips felt full of moisture and looked after. I really can’t fault it.

YES. Just yes. I adore this lipstick, and will definitely be buying more to add to my collection. The only small improvement I’d like to see is the business with the label. But for a lipstick this good, I really don’t care.

So what do you guys think? Have you tried these products before? And should I be trying anything else from these brands? Let me know!

You can browse House of Fraser Lipstick collection and Foundation collection for more awesome beauty if you wish.




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