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26th July 2016
alien girl illustration

Hey guys, I thought I’d check in with you today and just share a little of what I’ve been up to. It’s been a strange week or so, with both good things and bad things.

I’ve been working with a few different people and small businesses creating artwork for custom ranges (soon to come!) and special projects which has been really cool. On the one hand I’ve felt super inspired and happy with life, and on the other hand it’s just MORE things I’ve had to do and been tearing my hair out about, haha. I get stressed easily anyway, but when work is piling up I become a little bit manic.

It’s this strange battle between feeling so grateful for having a lot of work in, but also desperately wishing I had a week off. Or even just a weekend! But I’ve kind of accepted I’m going to be crazy busy, at least for the next year or so. Hopefully by then I’ll be making more money, and have enough awesome opportunities that mean I can slow some things down a little.

I’ve had so much fun lately getting back into watercolours. It’s been a few months since I properly allowed myself to have fun with paint, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I had great feedback when I put the above print in my Etsy store too. I even had someone put in a bulk custom order of cute little watercolour paintings, and I was so happy! It’s nice to know I can still have fun and work in different mediums with support.

I’m also still really happy with how this blog is developing. Fun opportunities keep coming in; I’m off to a Breakout room in Liverpool tonight with friends thanks to this blog, and a few really big brands recently got in touch about collaborations (so excited I squealed!). All the while I still feel inspired and like I’m making my content into something I love. Obviously I hope you guys are enjoying! But it’s so important to love blogging for yourself, and feel happy with your own content.

Shall we have a little update on how The Girl Gang event is going? I don’t want to bore you guys, but since it’s my very first event I’ve found it cool to keep you guys in the loop as I go. Anyway, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I’ve got almost enough brands confirmed for the goody bags, and a lot of them have arrived already, I just have to chase up a few. I have a little range for the raffle right now which is cool too, I could do with a few more cool prizes though (so if you know anyone who has any products they’d like to donate lemme know!!). I’m just organising all the other things to think about now; I’ve bought cute pink tote bags for each persons goody bag, I have a raffle ticket book, I still need a few ‘decorations’ for on the day and I would like to think of a cool ice breaker game or activity we could do on the day too. I’ll also need to really plan my blog and social media stuff for around the event too. Because I’ll be way too busy to keep on top of everything unless I plan. And I also need to do blog posts to thank the brands involved, so keep an eye out for some amazing features!

I do feel like it’s all coming together now, which is great. But I’ll definitely need a few months off afterwards (at least!) before I even think of organising another haha.

Life isn’t all fine and dandy though around here. My phone completely broke yesterday and I don’t have money to get it fixed, so I have to hope o2 are feeling nice and fix it for me.. for free.. And I’ve had a few people mess me around with design work and it’s really screwed up my schedule and stressed me out. Eeek. Oh well, things could be worse.

So I’m already planning out August for blog posts, creative projects and.. life, basically. If there’s anything specific you’d like to see around here, let me know! I have more Youtube videos planned, I’m already working on Autumn/Halloween themed products for Etsy (to go live September 1st!) and I’m hoping I’ll continue to test the waters with fashion themed blog posts.

I’ll stop rambling now.
I hope you guys are doing well!
Lots of love,



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