Daily Lipsticks For Each Side Of My Personality

Each day I wake and get dressed; I decide who I want to be that day. Sometimes I’m the colourful girl with the loud prints and the bracelets and the POP of purple of my lips. Other times I’m hiding in layers of Tshirts, hoodies, hats and a nude lipstick that makes me feel dressed, but also hidden. Every single day we can make choices about who we are, how we will look, how we will feel, how we decide to present today’s version of ourselves to the outside world.

It’s kind of magical actually.

Last week I stuck to three versions of myself, using Living Nature lipsticks from Botanical Brands that were sent to me. I tested myself, I set a challenge. I was not only going to review these beauty products as I normally would; I was going to really take note of who I was wearing each one, and how it made me feel.

Because I often find we don’t take enough time to stop, assess and appreciate the little things.

(Left to right)


A light, happy and delicate sort of nude that is true to it’s name. A daily wake up call, that made me feel a little more ready to face the day. It felt like spring time, on my lips. I noticed I wore this on days I felt like going a little more fresh and ‘bare-faced’. Lipstick that still made me feel natural.

The formula is soft as silk, applies wonderfully and left me feeling nourished. I felt pretty wearing this. On the days I wore this particular shade, I didn’t take notice of how long it lasted because I was too busy enjoying a happy, fresh feeling.
I will say that this particular lipstick is a lot more of a lighter nude/orange tone (as shown above) than appeared on the website. This wasn’t a problem to me, I still loved it. But worth noting.


A lovely, smouldering, brown toned pink. That deep kind of pink, that makes you feel all grown up. A grown up sort of girly tone. Wearing this paired with a range of nude eyeshadows, a pop of blush and soft waves in my hair felt probably more ‘me’ than anything else. A lipstick I felt confident and just really, really good in, you know?

Again, beautiful formula. I did notice this lasted me quite a few hours, and I was extremely relieved as I thought it should live up to it’s price tag. It applied and sat like a dream.

‘Wild Fire’.

This pop of red felt like Summer. You know when you get a bright red and it just feels like you’re waking up and kicking the day’s ass already by simply popping it on your lips? Yeah, that. A very subtle orange in this warm red makes it one that I want to wear again and again. Sure I love a blue toned, deep, dark red in the colder months; but Summer means I want my shades to POP. I noticed I wore this lipstick of choice on days I was a little braver with my outfits and hair. Bold prints and milk braids (thanks to a friend for doing them!).

Lasted well and felt like it kept me moisturised for hours. I did notice I preferred the shade when it was freshly applied though, for that extra pop of brightness.

All three of these beautiful lipsticks can be found on Botanical Brands website, along with an amazing range of other beauty products.

So what version of yourself do you feel like being today?
And what lipstick best represents this?

 photo SIG_zpsjqlmpka9.png

 photo VOTE_zpseru7sbqp.png

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