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Life Lately and 15 Things To Be Grateful For

13th July 2016

Happy Wednesday guys πŸ™‚ Are you wearing pink? No? Me either.

Lately I’m thinking about taking trips. Unfortunately no holidays are on the cards this year, but that doesn’t stop me from planning next year. I’d love to finally get to go to Iceland, as I’ve wanted to go there for the longest time. That’s definitely top of my list. I keep thinking about taking a trip across the pond to America too, but we’ll see. That one will be way more expensive, so we’ll have to see how things pan out.

I’ts officially 6 weeks until the girl gang event I’m organising, and it’s like a constant weight on my shoulders. The day will be fun as hell, and I know it’ll be worth it; but my god I can’t stop thinking about the day after. The 27th August is going to be a day of complete and utter REST in this household. No laptop, no planning, no work at all. I can’t wait to just watch movies, take walks, draw for the sake of drawing and just remember who I am without all this stress haha. There are certainly exciting parts to planning an event; each week more boxes of awesome goodies are turning up from brands, yay! But my eyes have definitely been opened to how much work goes into one day.

I’m hoping after the event is over to redecorate the flat too. Since we moved in a year and half ago, we’ve focused on just buying all the extra furniture and household things we needed (big appliances are so expensive!). And now that’s all been done for a while, I’ve been really looking forward to making everything super pretty, and really putting some extra thought into our home. Maybe I’ll show the process on here if you guys want? πŸ™‚

A few things around the interwebz really caught me this past week or so, including The Prince’s Trust Parallel Lives #TogetherWeCan campaign. The video below sums up the impact the campaign can have, in a powerful message.

The Prince’s Trust help rehabilitate young lives, get people into higher education and jobs, and help young people to flourish. It’s such an important campaign that they’re doing, and definitely worth spreading the word on. You can also donate to this cause here.

After mulling that over, I felt really grateful for the life I lead. It’s important to have gratitude for every little we are blessed with, so today I thought I’d share 15 things that I’m grateful for (whether big or small!);

1. A nice home and warm bed to come home to.
2. I’m grateful for my creative side, it brings me so much joy.
3. I’m very grateful that it’s rainy today as I write this πŸ™‚
4. My boyfriend is one hell of a cook πŸ™‚
5. I have loving family who always support me if I need it.
6. I had the chance to get a great education growing up.
7. Caffeine. Always.
8. I have awesome friends who always make me laugh!
9. I deffo have the cutest cat ever.
10. I’m grateful Gary takes the time to help me with my blog/photos/recording!
11. I’m so grateful for people who support my Etsy shop.
12. I will forever be grateful for chocolate. Especially during shark week.
13. I’m grateful for Netflix because I dunno how I’d get through my workload otherwise.
14. New bedding, yaaaaaaas.
15. I’m eternally grateful my life is a happy one.

What are you guys grateful for?

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