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Staying Motivated Every Day

16th July 2016

Working from home has a ton of benefits, obviously. But I found when I first bit the bullet almost a year ago, I didn’t realise at first just how much I was going to have to really motivate myself every day. I mean, I’m generally quite an ambitious and driven person anyway, but having to ensure I’m doing work every single day and making enough money is extremely hard. Even for me!

So through trial and error I have found some things that work for me, and I feel I’ve only gotten better and better. I thought I’d share some of these tips today, as they could definitely benefit anyway who needs to motivate themselves to do something. This can apply to anything really; studying, blogging, starting a small business.

So here are my top tips for staying motivated and driven;

1. PLAN. Obvious huh? But I mean this, take it seriously. Plan every detail thoroughly and you’re setting yourself up for success. Plan what tools you’ll need, set them up at night ready for the next morning. Write a list of things you need to get done each day, and pin it up above your work space to cross them off as you go. Even make notes of how long each task should take you, so that you’ll know if you’re falling behind.

2. HAVE GOALS. I can’t sugarcoat it, you’ll need to do a lot of work. But having positive goals will inspire you and push you when you most need it. Each month I write at least one goal for my business, and I have it written on my calendar for that month. Then I break it down step by step for how I can achieve these goals. Sometimes it’s a goal to make a certain number of sales, so I’ll make sure I promote regularly, have special discount days, create promotional graphics, etc. Sometimes it might be a goal to create at least 1 new product, and then I’ll jot down ideas for products and plan how/when I can create them. Make your goals DOABLE, but let them push you to work hard and stay focused.

3. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH INSPIRATION. Whether it be that you collage your walls/journal/work space with inspiring art/quotes/images, or you talk to other creators/people in your field; make sure you’re experiencing this inspiration often. Every day if you can. Visualise what you can achieve and allow yourself to soak up motivation from outside sources.

4. PRAISE YOURSELF. Sometimes we all need to remember how awesome we are, and seeing our previous successes can really shake up our game and inspire us to work towards new ones. Make a list of things you’ve done that are totally freakin’ ACE.

5. ENJOY BREAKS. Now, I definitely don’t get as much time off as I need, I know that. But I do enjoy every single second I have spare. I make sure I’m using it well, I don’t just sit in front of the TV wasting hours (though if thats how you want to enjoy your time off, that’s fine!). I’ll either be indulging in reading a book, doing something creative (just for fun, no work stuff!) or getting some well earned sleep. Breaks are good, they make us come back to our work with a clear head feeling pumped again. Use them well!

These are the tips that help me through, and if you have any questions on anything specific, please feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll try help as much as possible! I’d be happy to show/tell the ins and outs of my routine if you need 🙂

YOU GOT THIS! Now get to work.





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