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20 Blogs I Can’t Live Without

5th August 2016

I’ve been worried about this post for a while.

In the blogging community, there are ENDLESS amounts of people I love, adore, am inspired by, want to be besties with. I’d be here all day if I tried to name everyone I loved, really. However for ages now, I’ve wanted to compile a post of my most favourite, fave, FAVEY, faves. Ever. Blogs, that is.

And I feel worried already. Worried that people I consider best friends now will be annoyed at me for not mentioning them. I can already think of a few people that are like sisters to me! And if they aren’t named, it doesn’t mean I don’t adore them/their blog. However, in the interest of keeping this absolutely true and as honest as I can be; here we go.

This is the list of BLOGS (not people) that I can’t live without. These blogs inspire me, get me addicted, bring me back time after time. Sometimes I can explain why, sometimes not. I have not chosen a bunch of friends, although it makes sense that I do consider a lot of these guys friends of mine – because you purposely get to know the people you admire, right? But even if I had never spoken to them before, you can bet your ass I’d still have them bookmarked.

So here are the 20 blogs I consider my ULTIMATE favourites, ever. (Not in any particular order.)

1.ย – A burst of creativity and ideas to inspire. AMAZING.
2.ย – I love everything about her, perfection.
3.ย – Adorable, friendly, cute & just wonderful basically.
4.ย – This bitch is perfect. I hate it. (Lol).
5.ย – An explosion of life, passion & pink.
6.ย – Lauren makes me want to write things into the early hours.
7.ย – A teeny tiny beautiful princess, that I want to dress me up.
8.ย – A best friend who just gets you.
9.ย – A hilarious/honest blog from the heart that motivates me all the time.
10.ย – Everything cute, dorky, fun. Fun lives here.
11.ย – The girl who deserves the world & more, & gives everything she’s got.
12.ย – When creativity isn’t just pen and paper.
13.ย – She takes you with her everywhere, and you’ll be glad to go on the journey.
14.ย – Like reading the diary of the most popular girl at school, and she’s LOVELY.
15.ย – Creativity and ideas live here, and constantly bring me back.
16.ย – Holly makes me think, question, wonder.
17.ย – When you admire someone so much it hurts.
18.ย – The greatest inspiration for my creative side.
19.ย – A wonderful eclectic space for cuteness, colour and life.
20.ย – Addictive blog that makes me want to be better.


If you’re on the list, I hope you get just how much your blog matters to me. Please don’t stop.
If you aren’t on the list, don’t be disheartened! I’m a dork and my opinion doesn’t matter.

I love you all, please visit these amazing blogs and spread the love.





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