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28th August 2016

Hi guys! Happy Sunday!

Usually I write these posts of a Friday or Saturday and have them go out on a Sunday, chatting all about my week and what’s going on. I bloody love these posts!

However as you know this week was The Girl Gang event, and since Thursday I’ve been totally exhausted to be honest! So I didn’t really have time to write the past few days. However I’m here today, and I finally feel like I’m getting some of my energy back – and I wanted to check in! After all, I do love our Sunday chats.

I’ve started my new art journal, which was something I swore I’d do as soon as the event was over with, and I’m SO happy. I’ve decided I’ll work on it every single day, however I feel. I might paint something (like above), collage, sketch, or just write in it. Either way, having a daily creative outlet again is lovely; I thoroughly recommend it.

I’ve also had a chance to create some more Youtube video’s this weekend, YAY. Hopefully I’ll get into more of a routine with that so they’re much more regular (if anyone cares haha). I absolutely love doing my Tipsy Sims play videos, and I have more chatty/catch up ones planned, hauls and creative ones all running around my head just waiting to be made!

I’m really looking forward to doing new things, challenging myself and making sure I have as much joy in my life as possible, now that I have some time freed up. So last night, I signed up for an eight week course with the Open University for basic Forensic Psychology, something I’ve always been interested in! It starts is September, so I’ll be sure to let you guys know how it goes.

I’ve also started working on my denim jacket, adding pins and patches all over – it’s already so cute! I can’t wait to show you guys. Just sitting on the sofa at night with a needle and thread has been really fun, and it’s actually inspired me to create some other handmade items. So I might share those creations on here soon, if they turn out well.

Anyway, today I just thought I’d very quickly check in and update you all. It’s hella sunny out right now, and I wish it would rain. I want Autumn to be here now! But I might as well enjoy the sunshine I guess, so I’m going to go on an afternoon walk before I wake Gary for work.

I hope you’ve all had a great week!




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