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6 Things I Hate About Facebook

29th September 2016

There are so many social media channels and platforms out there, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them all. Usually one or two favourites rises up for each of us. The ones we spend more time on, that make us feel happiest, or maybe more creative.

Today however I thought I’d chat to you guys about my absolute worst. The social media channel I loathe, basically, but still have. Join me in this Facebook hate fest wont you?

Here are 6 reasons I only log in once a week and barely stay on for more than two minutes.

1. Bad reminders.
Oh five years ago today I was a lot slimmer, had money to burn, and was on a fun girls holiday in the sun? Brilliant, thank you for that reminder Facebook.

2. Exes.
They’re always there, they’re always stalking, or trying to stalk. Or maybe you’re the stalker? Either way, this is bad mojo. Exes should disappear and never be seen again, like my GCSE certificates.

3. Polite friend adding.
Ever have someone you spoke to once or twice add you on Facebook? Or perhaps a friend of a friend? Or maybe a blogger you kinda like? Seems like a good idea at the time, but 6 months later with a friend list full of questionables, it leaves you feeling bored of people you don’t know/never will, and a bit fuming that they can see your Mum’s embarrassing messages on your wall. Trust me.

4. People who update on evvverrrything.
Which is sometimes all of us, let’s be honest. For some reason, on Facebook people have a tendency to be more boring than ever, and convinced we all wanna see their selfie at the gym, what their kid drew this week, or even worse; tell us their stupid, ignorant political beliefs (is it just me or do we all have one nobhead on Facebook?).

5. The vague attention seekers.
‘Absolutely fuuuuming.’
– ‘Aww no, what’s up lovely?’
-‘Can’t talk about it sorry.’

Ohmygodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd why post then. This seems way more acceptable to me on Twitter, which I see as a justifiable live feed for any thought or emotion we have. Facebook though? Tell all or get off.

6. Family.
Love them or hate them, they really don’t belong on your friends list. Unless you’re super lucky and have a really ‘cool, non embarrassing, non stalking your photos’ type family. But in that case I really can’t relate to you. I love my family of course, but if I post photos of my friends and I out at 3am drinking and my mum comments with ‘Where are you? Phone me now. Drink water‘ – one more time, I’ll crack up. Joan needs to back off before she gets blocked, LOL.

Okay all jokes aside, I know Facebook has it’s uses. And I won’t reaaally block Joan for caring about me (unless you really step over the line mother!). But I kind of just really hate Facebook, I can’t help it. I feel like it’s something I have purely out of necessity rather than want.

What about you guys? Love it or hate it? 🙂




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