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I’m Engaged!

17th September 2016

Yes, he popped the question!

Apologies to anyone who already knows this and caught the news on social media; but I had to do a little blog post to celebrate our great news. On September 16th at roughly midday; Gary got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. Never in my life have I been more shocked, overwhelmed, and happy. I of course said yes immediately.

Gary and I have been together since May 6th 2011, so almost five and a half years ago now. We met in the strangest of ways; through randomly starting up a conversation on Tumblr. Rather than it turn out to be like a bad episode of Criminal Minds though, it actually ended up being wonderful.

Through our constant chatting online, phone calls, and travelling to visit, we got to know each other more than we had with anyone else before. We discovered we both loved Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, we both had a lot of creative hobbies, and we both kind of wanted to travel around the world, but also kind of wanted to just play video games in our pj’s too.

I learned that we loved a lot of the same music, even though his tends to be more indie/folksy, and mine tends to lean toward the emo. I loved knowing be both enjoying reading a lot, even though I’m obsessed with crime and he’s more into philosophical books that deal with big questions, and dark issues. I learned that we have very different personalities; him being quieter, calmer and more laid back. Me being louder, a whirlwind of emotions and a bit of a mess. But these differences worked well together; me bringing him out of his shell, him making me slow down a little and feel content like never before.

Throughout our journey so far, I’ve never once questioned if this is who I’m supposed to be with, I’ve simply known. We’ve lived together for around four years now, and there’s never been a day where I’ve needed space or grown tired of his company. Seriously, I never get bored of this guy. I don’t think there’d be anything wrong if I did, but I find it kind of wonderful and special that I haven’t.

He’s the person I want to share my good news with before anyone else, he’s the one who makes me laugh everyday, he’s the one who I miss when I’m away from him for even just a few hours, and he’s the only one who can make me feel better even on sad days.

So when he got down on one knee before me, took my hand, presented a ring and said ‘I can’t wait another day to ask you, will you marry me?‘ it felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world.

Our story started years ago, and we’ve been having a lifetime of adventures ever since. This new chapter is simply a promise that we’ll keep on adventuring, and I for one am excited.






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