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Liverpool Metquarter Beauty

9th September 2016

Last week you may have seen on Twitter that I had the most incredible day visiting Liverpool Metquarter, and I’m so happy (and a proud Scouser!) to share with you guys why it was so awesome.

Metquarter is one of Liverpool’s absolute hotspots for shopping, and one of my fave places to find a bunch of brands I adore. All under one roof you’ll find some of my favourite stores such as MAC, Illamasqua, Jo Malone, Kurt Keiger, Wall To Wall Art Gallery, Paperchase and much more. It’s the reason I’m able to grab all my Christmas presents easily each year within an hour or two! (So you’ll probably see a blog post near this Christmas sharing all the goodies I’ve grabbed!).

I was lucky enough to be invited down to Metquarter for their beauty day, getting to experience the best they could offer from Sassoon, Illamasqua and Urban Calm. I had no idea what to expect really, so took an eager trip down to see what it was all about.

My first stop was Sassoon hair salon, to be booked in for a little treatment of my choice. I was met by the lovely Adam, who chatted with me about what I wanted for my hair, how I usually style is, and what sort of routine I have. Now I should probably tell you guys, I’m usually quite uncomfortable at hair salons to be honest. I always, always, colour my hair myself and I only get it cut every 6 months ish, when I absolutely have to. This is because I’m generally a bit intimidated with hairdressers – and it’s hard to explain why really! I’ve never really had someone do my hair that I’m 100% happy with; they’ve either cut too much off, moaned at me for using heat on my hair, or just generally been a bit ‘iffy’.

So it’s fair to say I was a little unsure of how it’d go at Sassoon. However, Adam was an absolute DREAM. From the moment I met him he was lovely, understanding and super helpful. We chatted about what styles would suit me best and he made sure to tell me everything he was doing along the way. He even gave me a whole bunch of tips for looking after my hair, keeping my colour nice and vibrant, the best ways to blow dry and style it, and the products he feels most confident in. I honestly can’t thank him enough because he was bloody wonderful! He was also hilarious and really nice on top of everything, and I think it’s the first time I’ve felt at home getting my hair done in a salon.

I ended up spending about an hour and half in Sassoon; getting my hair washed, having a conditioning treatment put in, getting a head massage (seriously!), having it blow dried, cut and styled. I felt like a real little princess while there!

In the end, I opted to have about an inch chopped to get rid of all my dead ends, having a few nice layers put in, and to have soft waves styles through the ends. It was AMAZING. My hair felt absolutely beautiful; you know when you run your fingers through it and it just feels super healthy and soft? Yep, that. Plus I looked so much better than when I first walked in the salon! I was so grateful to how lovely they treated me and how awesome my hair felt, that I insisted on Adam showing me which products he’d used for the conditioning treatment, and to style my hair with, so that I could buy them myself.
In the photo above you’ll see the Sassoon Illuminating Restore Treatment for coloured hair, Illuminating Oil, and the Halo Hydrate Leave In Conditioner. These products are a god send, and Sassoon are now the only salon I’ll be going to in future!

After my wonderful pamper sesh in Sassoon, I realised I’d gone over my appointment with Urban Calm; Liverpool’s premier day spa. I quickly got in touch with the lovely Metquarter rep who had set the day up for me, and apologised for being late – as I hadn’t realised I’d be so long in Sasoon. She was so lovely though, and said it was absolutely fine to go ahead onto the next stop on my beauty day at Metquarter; to Illamasqua. And I could rearrange an appointment for Urban Calm at a later date. Fab!

So I trotted along to Illamasqua where I simply fell in love with the whole shop, and every product in it of course.

The girls at Illamasqua were so friendly and helpful, and told me all about their fabulous ‘Express Yourself’ promotion they do in store. Any time you spend £10 on products in store, you can use the Express Yourself ten minute makeover service available in store. This is where you can get a mini makeover, concentrating on one particular area of the face to try out something new, or get expert advice and application for something specific. For example they do Chisel and Glow; which will show you how to highlight and contour like an expert, using their amazing products. They also offer a range of eye, brow, lip and blush makeovers as part of this awesome promotion – and I think it’s well worth it! After all, you’re likely to spend £10 in store anyway on something you love; why not let them show you how to apply it like a pro?

I decided to go for their ‘Insta Eye’ mini makeover service, which uses their negative space technique to cut away eyeshadow and reveal a defined shape for a contemporary take on a classic look. I thought this would be perfect for me, as I unfortunately have really heavy lidded eyes and I feel like I have no clue where to start with eye makeup sometimes! I mentioned this to the lovely lady doing my makeup, and she showed me the best way to open up my eyes more using makeup, and give my lids a more defined shape. I was so so happy with the instant results she gave me, and the tips I left with! Plus I had the prettiest eye makeup look in just a matter of minutes. YAY.

If there’s anything that my day showed me, it’s that there are some AMAZING brands just on my doorstep, and Liverpool’s Metquarter hosts the best of the best. The staff behind each store are so welcoming and helpful – and you really do get a quality of service that you just don’t anywhere else. I was already a fan of Illamasqua products, but I now that I know I can really chat to the staff and make the most of their expertise by going in and asking for advertise on products and application; I’ll be doing so a lot more! And the guys over at Sassoon Salon were just incredible, they’ll be seeing me again for a ‘freshen up’ in six weeks for sure! Remember to keep an eye out in the next few weeks, as I’ll be visiting Urban Calm too to see what they have to offer!

Thank you so much to Metquarter for giving me the best day ever, and once again proving that Liverpool is pretty awesome 😉

I hope you enjoyed this guys, let me know if you fancy a shopping trip in Liverpool!

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*This post is a review of Liverpool Metquarter, where all treatments were provided for me. However this is not a sponsored post, and was not paid for.
All views my own. See my disclaimer for more info.

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