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Organic Beauty: Pacifica Solar Colour Palette

12th September 2016

Is this one of the prettiest palette’s you’ve seen or what? 

It certainly adds a colourful charm to my own collection, and I’m thrilled! This is the Pacifica Solar Colour Mineral Palette* from Naturally Better You. This palette has a range of eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and highlighter – making it the ultimate easy carry around for everything. This is an organic and cruelty free palette that is infused with coconut to give your skin a wonderful drop of luxurious moisture in the process.

The lovely folk over at Naturally Better You (NBY) asked me if I’d like to sample anything from their website, and this palette screamed out at me and demanded that I give it a try. So they very kindly sent me a voucher code free to spend on site.

Before we get into the palette; I really wanted to mention how really awesome their site was to use. 

When browsing smaller brands, usually websites aren’t as polished (understandably) and can have some issues. However with NBY I found their website was super easy and helpful. On their homepage they had offers and sale info displayed well, so it’s easy to find a bargain. They also have their best sellers on show which I appreciated, and most importantly of all they had all the relevant links and contact info easy to find. Is there anything more infuriating than trying to find the address/phone number/social links for a brand, only to be browsing and scrolling for ages?! I hate that, it can peeve me off within seconds to be honest; I’m not a patient person at all. Anyway, NBY deserve a bloody pat on the back for having all the information you could possibly need right there for you. The checkout process was simple and straight forward, and my product arrived SO quickly too!

Once the palette arrived I was keen to get experimenting with it, and I dived in trying out every single shade and feature.

The eyeshadows have a fantastic pigmentation and I found I only needed a little to go a long way. The blush and highlighters are absolutely beautiful and I found each product lasted really well on me throughout the day. I found the only product I used a little differently was the bronzer; because I am so pale I tend to shy away from bronzer, and instead I’ve been using it as an eyeshadow base for certain makeup looks! It’s fab, and a perfect example of how you can make something work for you.

I especially loved the highlighter as it was really natural and gave me a glow that I thought was really pretty without blinding anyone.

Overall I really loved this product, and found myself browsing the other Pacifica products on NBY straight after using. A huge thank you to Naturally Better You for being a wonderful brand to work with, and giving me a new source of organic beauty!

Have you guys browsed Naturally Better You yet?

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