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7 Things I Miss From My Teens

6th October 2016

1. Being an emo.
Yeah, I said it. It’s just not socially acceptable anymore. Plus I’m nearly 30. But by god I do miss that heavy AF black eyeliner, emo fringe, fishnet gloves and only living in band tshirts.

2. Nickelodeon TV shows.
Sister Sister, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and Kenan and Kel were MY JAM once I got home from school. I swear I could never decide which was my fave (Sister Sister, maybe). They were the perfect trio of shows that played one after the other. Ooh! And remeber Nickelodeon used to do that ‘Vote or what plays next’ thing? God the money I wasted.. (Sorry Mum).

3. Teenage worries.
The biggest things I had to deal with when I was 15; was whether I was good at kissing boys, if I could get my mum to buy me some makeup, or if I could pass Maths without actually doing any coursework. Things like this used to be so stressful, but I would give anything for that sort of ‘stress’ these days!

4. Glitter hairspray.
Sure we might buy one of these at a fancy dress shop these days if our Halloween outfits demand it – but otherwise this is a thing of the past. Gone are the days I would go mental spraying this all over my badly highlighted hair and thinking I was a fucking queen.

5. MSN.
Oh my god, MSN. If you’re too young to really have experienced the super old MSN I feel sorry for you. I miss nudging friends to death just to annoy them, putting emo lyrics in your screen name, starting a random convo with your crush then being like ‘Ooops wrong person sorry!’ and most of all I miss calling emojis emoticons. Yes that’s right kids they weren’t always called emojis!

6. Knowing who was who on the music scene.
Back in my teens I knew absolutely every band, pop star and backing singers full names, job history and favourite ice cream flavour. I obsessed over new music and I couldn’t get enough. Going to gigs became one of my most time consuming hobbies and I loved it. These days I stick on the radio and I’m like, ‘Who’s this?? Ellie what? Drake who??’ and I swear I’d never know James Arthur if he slapped me in the face. I am OLD and so out of touch. I established my fave music at 19 and I haven’t differed since.

7. When magazines were really, really good.
Remember the days of Mizz, Sugar, Kerrang, Company mag? I love devouring them for fun articles, great fashion pieces and getting insight into my fave celebs. I would actually check the shops daily for new issues. These days they’re handy blog props mostly and that’s it. The only magazines I like are international artsy/creative/quirky ones like Frankie.

What about you guys, what do you miss most from those teen years?
*If you’re a teenager reading this then please don’t bother telling me because I might cry out of jealousy. Thanks.




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