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Sunday Catch Up: Artwork, Moving, Look After Myself.

16th October 2016


I hope this weekend is going well for you all πŸ™‚ This is my favourite part of the week, because I get to sit back, organise my workload, take stock of how the week has gone, and pamper myself a bit. Though as a freelancer, I can work to any schedule I like; I do enjoy keeping Sundays as those days to chill out still.

This week I’ve been creating a lot of artwork, both simply for myself, for my Etsy shop and for custom work people have booked with me. It’s been awesome overall, but my tablet did die on me this week and cause such a hassle, but that’s all sorted now thankfully! My favourite creations have been the ‘Girl Power’ print shown above, and the cute heart garland shown below. I love anything girly as you can see!

The biggest news this week is something I didn’t see coming, and it’s wonderful! It looks like Gary and I will be moving to Plymouth next year, in May. Gary’s mum has moved out of their family home, but still owns it, and she always planned to leave it to Gary. She would rather we lived there than strangers, so offered it to us; letting us know it’s always there if we want it, as it’s Gary’s anyway. This was absolutely amazing! I love our little city flat, I really really do; but I always wanted our own house. I just never thought it was a possibility with the price of homes these days (at least for the next few years anyway). It’s located right next to where the moors begin, I’ve been there many times (when Gary lived there before he moved up to Liverpool), and the end of the road is literally where a forest begins, and a small river passes through. Lush fields and hills surround the area, but there’s still a lot of community in one direction. It’s only a bus ride into the center of town, and there’s even a supermarket a 15 minute walk away. It’s the best of both worlds really. You get the picturesque landscape, with deer and foxes right on your doorstep, but you have all the convenience of a town right there too. I am ecstatic! It’s my dream scenario.


(Very old photos of us, not long after we first met, in 2011)

And a house, a house! It really feels like our life is starting a new exciting chapter, and I’m so lucky. Of course, that’s not to say it isn’t terrifying for me. Moving right down the other end of the country is a huge change, and I know I’ll do a little cry when it happens. My whole family is here in Liverpool, so many of my friends, my blogger babes I’ve grown to know and love, old work pals, and a whole history basically.

But here’s the thing; I never planned on staying here forever. I never knew where I’d end up, but I never ever thought I’d be born and die here in Liverpool, it’s just not what I want. There’s a part of me that would have always been deeply saddened if I never moved out of here. Anyone who knows me well, knows I always talking about raising kids somewhere else. That’s not to say I’m anywhere near wanting a baby yet, REALLY. But I knew if I wanted a child in the next few years, I’d want to move first. I’d want a new place, a new start. Gary always knew this too. So to be offered a house, with no worries, no stress, no planning ahead for years – is just.. wow. It feels unreal. I’m so excited! I’ll just have to make sure I still visit Liverpool often, and have people visit me as much as possible. Plus… we can get a dog once we have a house, haha. Genuinely planning this already.

So yeah, it’s been an exciting week. I’ve noticed lately I need to prioritise looking after myself a little bit more though. I’ve found this week particularly tough for money, so I’ve taken on more and more work, in an attempt to help. But this overload has meant I’ve had zero time off, no down time, no ‘peace’ really. Just waking up, working, stopping for food (usually eaten at my desk..) then back to it again until I collapse in bed at night.

I love what I do, but its so, so hard too sometimes.

I’m hoping after Wednesday/Thursday I’ll have time to relax a little more. So if you fancy helping me at all, popping over to my Etsy and treating yourself to something REALLY does help. It takes the burden off wondering how I’m going to pay the next bill, or buy food. I try to never mention things like that here on this blog, so I hope you’ll forgive me for asking for help every now and again! πŸ™‚

Other things to note about this week;

The #GGMovieNight ‘s are going so well! It’s a Halloween themed movie (sort of) each week of October! Last night was ‘Scream’ and the week before was ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Next Sunday at 8:30pm we’re watching ‘Hocus Pocus’ – so be sure to join in!

I think I have an idea for a new series on this blog too, so I’m super excited to get started on that!
Let me know how your week went guys, as I really do love reading about it! πŸ™‚

Lots of love,
Jemma x



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