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Murad Instamatte Oil Control Mask Review

9th November 2016


I recently tried out the Instamatte Oil-Control Mask* from Murad, promising to leave skin feeling smooth, matte, refreshed and targeting oil. This is great news for me, as my skin tends to be a little on the oily side. It’s not a huge problem that causes me break outs, but I definitely notice it and have tried to combat it with great primers in the past.

So I decided to put the Murad Instamatte to work, trying it out once a week (as directed) for 4 weeks, before applying my makeup in the morning. I hoped this might help get rid of the excess oil in my skin, leaving it looking fresh and helping my makeup sit better.


The mask is designed to work quickly, with the directions stating to rinse off after 3 minutes. This is a creamy mask, that doesn’t dry, and so rinsing off is extremely easy. I did find however that I started ringing this off after only half of the recommended time (a minute and half ish).  The formula probably isn’t the best for sensitive skin, as it felt quite harsh to me if left on for the full three minutes – with a dry feeling afterward. But if you reduce the time you leave it on, I found it worked perfectly! Immediately after rinsing I could see and feel that it left my skin smooth, shine free, matte and refreshed. I was thoroughly impressed with the quick fix it provided, and even found I could skip using a primer in my routine if I wished!

This also helps prevent breakouts due to the Salicylic Acid, penetrating pores to clear congestion. Perfect if you usually suffer with blemishes and want to feel like your pores are thoroughly cleaned.

This isn’t a product for use everyday, and I would keep the mask on for less time if on sensitive skin. However I did find it worked wonders for me once I reduced the time, and my skin is definitely feeling the benefit. My makeup applies much better after using this product and I feel confident going makeup free too!


Have you guys tried this product yet?




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