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2016; Did I Achieve All My Goals?

28th December 2016

Every January I list myself a new set of goals for the rest of the year. It keeps me motivated, inspired, on track; and I genuinely love getting the chance to plan out my year in the hopes it will bring good things.

So at the beginning of 2016 I set myself a few goals in terms of life, relationships, my business and blogging. In fact you can read some of my blog goals here.

So how did I do?


Hit 15,000 followers on Twitter – Yes! Woohoo! I’m currently on over 17,000 and I’m so amazed at this everyday. It sounds silly probably, but I love seeing my audience grow, and knowing I’m connecting with people all over the world. So to hit this target and even go over it, is awesome.

Do more DIY posts – Sort of. I have definitely lacked on this one as much as I’d have liked, but not completely failed! I’m not beating myself up over it though, because I’ve been incredibly busy doing other creative things – so that’s okay!

Branching out – I wanted to try out more fashion, food, book based blog posts and I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made! I’ve even done more makeup looks and grown in confidence with them, yay!

Hit 4000 on Bloglovin – Nooooo! Sadly I’ve fell short of this one, mostly because I always forget to promote this platform. Oh well. Come follow me? Lol.

Put on a Girl Gang event – YESSS!! And it was amazing! I was so grateful for everyone who came and helped out, and it was definitely a highlight of 2016 for sure. There will definitely be another! Just let me sort my ‘secret project’ first, kay? Hehe.

Get healthier – Nooo! I totally failed! I started so, so well. Weight wise I lost almost 2 stone, and I was so pleased. However it soon piled on again when my workload went a bit crazy. It made me realise that I don’t do well under pressure. If I’m stressed out and super busy, with lack of sleep too – you better believe I’m drinking that Coke and having a chocolate bar. It’s so bad, but there we have it. So for 2017 my aim will be to have a much more stable and less demanding schedule; because it’ll be so much easier to focus on my health then!


Highlights of 2016 –

  1. My Etsy shop reaching over 700 sales! (I hoped and dreamed of MAYBE reaching 600, but 700 OMG!)
  2. Expanding onto my own designed notebooks (Also on my Etsy!)
  3. Organising and hosting my very first event.
  4. Making some amazing new blog friends (and meeting old faves!)
  5. SUPER SECRET PROJECT – omg omg omg, I still can’t wait to tell you guys what I’m working on!
  6. Getting engaged!!! I feel like life is falling into place.
  7. Getting a house (technically not until April/May, but SO so exciting!)
  8. Reconnecting with old friends again.
  9. Starting a podcast with Gary.
  10. Feeling a lot more comfortable with who I am.


Let’s hope 2017 is even more magical!

How did you guys do with your own goals for 2016?



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