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Prep Your Bullet Journal For 2017

7th December 2016

It’s no secret that I’m a journal addict, and I absolutely love organising my own for all my needs. Since I started a bullet journal last year, and then changed my little system for how I use it (see this post and this post), I have found myself relying on it completely for almost everything!


I use my journal to keep track of my daily to-do lists, my blog ideas, advertisers, all things related to The Girl Gang (including newsletter plans, sponsors, chats & events), monthly goals, books to read, inspiration and my design work schedule. See? Everything!

The biggest game changer and greatest help for me personally, was making my journal work for me. Sounds simple, but in the beginning I was setting things out like I seen on Pinterest examples, and it just DIDN’T work for me. However, since changing my little system, it’s not something I use every single day, and truly find useful. I sat down and thought about what things I really needed to use my journal for and what things I’d like to put in there.

journal1 journal2

December is the perfect time to get yourself a new journal (I love the Leather Bound ones from Jofelo) and plan how you would like to use it for the new year. So I thought today I’d feature some ideas for things you can track in your journal, and the new stickers I have on sale on my Etsy store which would be perfect for decorating!



Things to track in your journals-

  1. Daily tasks
  2. Weekly challenges
  3. Monthly goals
  4. Yearly goals
  5. Calendar/holiday/birthdays
  6. Books to read
  7. Movies to watch
  8. Date ideas
  9. Ways to spread joy
  10. Things that inspire you
  11. Boredom buster (things to do)
  12. Blog post ideas
  13. Favourite bloggers
  14. Things you like about yourself
  15. Upcoming events/parties/plans


I have so many awesome stickers on sale that I’m really proud of, and I’d love you guys to grab some! You can now get 15% off anything by using code JOURNAL15 until December 31st!


holidays-and-water-pink banners4 1000-self-care cute-stickers-2 beauty-stickers

Thanks so much guys!

Let me know if you’re all already prepping your journals for next year, like me! 🙂 And don’t forget to check out Jofelo!



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