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7 Reasons To Visit Yard and Coop Liverpool

22nd December 2016

I truly love getting to try out new places around the city, especially restaurants and bars that are my kinda style. I recently attended a blog event at Yard and Coop Liverpool, and I felt like I’d found ‘my scene’. You know when a place is just the perfect combination of cool, classy, casual and… some other C word? Haha. But really though, Yard and Coop really impressed me, and there are so many reasons you guys should come check it out!

They do have a Manchester venue too, but I mean… Liverpool is the best, obviously 😉

Yard and Coop

7 Reasons To Visit Yard and Coop Liverpool:

1. The location – The Liverpool venue is located in the absolute heart of Liverpool, close to all the pretty sights, the train station and so many other bars if you wish to have choices (although I can’t see you wanting to leave Y&C!).

2. The setting/decor – I SO wish I had some photos to share inside the venue, but I was worried about taking photographs of other guests eating and drinking! But, TRUST ME; it’s beautiful. Unique nooks and crannys, a ‘living room area’ with sofas and armchairs for enjoying your cocktails, fairy lights everywhere, a twisting and turning layout, and beautiful artwork everywhere. The best bit? There’s literally a chicken coop area, with tables set in a coop-like arrangement, with an upstairs and downstairs. It’s hard to explain, but it’s brilliant!

3. The service – Definitely the best service I’ve experienced all year anywhere! I was so, so grateful for the friendliness, helpfulness, attentiveness and genuine enthusiasm from every single member of staff throughout the whole place. I’ve worked in many customer service based jobs in the past and I know just how hard and draining it can be, and I definitely never did as good a job as these guys. A huge, huge, thank you.

4. The cocktails – Oh my god, the cocktails. Yard and Coop have an overwhelming selection of every type of drink you can imagine, so there really is something for everyone. However, their premium cocktails are where I’d say they truly shine and stand out.

5. The food – Buttermilk fried chicken is their game, and they truly rock it. Scrumptious food with endless combinations and something for everyone! They do offer a selection of gluten free dishes, but they mentioned it’s worth phoning ahead to check/request this.

6. The variety – I feel like Y&C have managed to successfully achieve a huge variety of food, drinks, and vibes throughout their bar and restaurant; which may have proved difficult anywhere else. They have pulled it off with ease, and created a place perfecting for visiting as a family, or for drinks with friends on a night out.

7. The great vibe – Hard to capture the feeling of the place in words, so I truly suggest you guys take a visit if you get the chance! However everything from the huge quirky artwork, the in house jukebox, and the unique cocktails gives Yard and Coop the coolest vibe around.


Have you guys visited Yard and Coop yet, here in Liverpool, or in Manchester?
Let me know if you’re keen to pop down! 🙂




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