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The Class System Within Blogging

24th January 2017

You can definitely feel the class system within blogging sometimes, and I’ve come to recognise and reflect on it often over the past few years. I feel like it’s made me see my own roots more clearly, and maybe even realise how much I didn’t/don’t have compared to some people. That’s not a bad thing – or, I don’t feel any problem with it in the blogging sense anyway. People are different; some have things, some don’t.

It’s just another case of being exposed to more and more people from different walks of life. Similar to when I went to College or University, and you start to see your place in the world a little more clearly. You realise not everyone had to get into debt just to be able to attend. Not everyone had to struggle and scrimp just to afford the travel each day. You aren’t in this little bubble of the same people anymore, your world opens up, and you see all the vast differences. Same with blogging. I can now talk to people all across the world, from different backgrounds, instantly. We can see what one person’s ‘normal’ looks like, and how that may look a world away from our own ‘normal’.

For me personally, it’s especially made me feel my working class roots. I was brought up in a low income family, we got by just fine in my eyes. But I failed to see my Mum and Dad work their asses off just to make ends meet, I was oblivious of course. It’s only as you grow that you realise not everyone else lives in a council house, or has to worry about money regularly. This isn’t a ‘woe is me’ kind of thing, because this sort of life is ‘normal’ for where we lived and who we interacted with. And my life has been incredibly lucky in so many ways, I’m grateful. But I do SEE these things now, rather than being blind to it as I once was. I very much FEEL like the girl from Kirkby, Liverpool.

I certainly don’t feel it’s held me back in blogging, AT ALL. In fact, it’s bettered my life and gave me more things than I would have had otherwise. Friendships I wouldn’t have had otherwise, relationships, opportunities, experiences and MONEY. Actual cash, that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I do realise that some others may feel the class system holds them back in blogging though; for example if they’re a beauty/fashion blogger that may go further if they were able to showcase the very latest trends the moment they hit stores. I get why someone might feel that way.

I’d like to think we all know that in the grand scheme of things, in this blogging community; we all know that class boils down to fuck all really. I refuse to believe that because someone may be rich, that it instantly means they will be popular/successful. And likewise if someone has NOTHING, I don’t think for a second that it means they have no chance. I keep hope that personality, originality, creativity and perseverance matter more than anything. And I truly do believe they do. But I am also totally aware that having more makes it slightly easier, certainly.

Blogging gives us this opportunity to emerge ourselves into this huge crowd of people all over the world, whose background and opinions differ from our own. That’s something to be fucking celebrated. Rather than feeling held back by our differences, we should get to know reach other more, push ourselves, and open our eyes a little.

Just because someone can buy the latest Chanel bag without batting an eyelid, doesn’t mean they aren’t working fucking HARD.

Just because someone is unemployed doesn’t mean they are lazy (fuck this, I’ve experienced this first hand before).

Just because we could be worlds apart, doesn’t mean we don’t have similarities.

But I do think we could all benefit if we make ourselves aware of our differences, rather than being blind to it. I’m certainly not going to be held back by what I lack though. I have to work every single day just to make enough to buy food, and pay rent. I can’t afford to buy the best camera, best equipment, the latest beauty trends or much else. I’m still SO grateful for what I do have though, and my life is incredible. I get to do something I love, and I feel happy and safe.


There IS a class system within blogging. But that’s life.
Let’s use blogging as a bridge, rather than another divide.
Reach out to those different from yourself, and don’t be held back by fucking anything.



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