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DIY Valentines With Printiki

25th January 2017

Valentines day isn’t far off, and my excitement is real! I am 100% into celebrating Valentines, whether loved up or single; and I think it’s a great excuse to show how much you care for someone.

I recently had the pleasure of trying out Printiki; an online printing service that brings beautiful snaps right to your door, fuss free! I ordered 30 prints* in the square format with space for captions below each photo, so they look like adorable polaroids. I LOVE having the option to order square or rectangle photographs, and really customise them to my liking. The order process was SO easy, and you can print directly from your Instagram, Facebook, camera roll or any device you may prefer.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out a fun Valentines DIY for you guys, that costs hardly anything, and is hella fun!

I simply used some cute heart shaped balloons filled with helium, red mini pegs and of course my brand new prints from Printiki!

I decided to hang some cute photographs of Gary and I from each balloon, and leave them on the bed, which looks super cute! I could have took off the weights on the string, and let them float near the ceiling which would be fun too!

Writing on the photographs to create my own sweet captions was really easy, and added a more personal touch which I loved. You could use this to write out ‘Happy Valentines Day!’ or any other greeting. I also think this is a wonderful idea for a birthday celebration!

Luna seemed to be very fond of getting involved in this DIY too..

You could also use your prints to create a whole range of other cute DIY’s, such as this heart photo wall –

– or maybe a collage of your favourite photographs to create a beautiful and personal piece for someone!

I’m a huge fan of keeping special memories and getting pretty prints done, and Printiki also have a range of other products available; such as photo books and posters! So definitely check those out, and follow Printiki on Instagram for more inspiration!


If you guys are feeling creative and want to try this yourself, you can also get free shipping until February 5th using code ‘Valentine‘. So don’t miss this wonderful chance to make someone feel loved.

Here’s to making Valentines a special one!




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