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Editing Old Blog Posts

7th January 2017

For the past month or so, whenever I’ve had a spare few minutes, I do a little bit of blog admin. This is a combination of a whole load of different things (which I’ll go into in another post soon); but today I wanted to chat specifically about the process about editing my old blog posts.

If anyone reads this and thinks, ‘Nahhh,  I’m nostalgic and want to keep my old blog posts exactly as they are‘ – that’s fine! I totally get this. However I do think there are a few good reasons for going back over your old content and making it as good as possible.

Updating photos

As time goes by, we (hopefully) get a lot better with our photography; and this means some of our very old blog posts can look absolutely shoddy compared to our latest ones. While this is fine for the most part, and even nice to see how far we’ve come – it could be damaging potentially evergreen posts. By evergreen, I mean blog posts you can promote again and again over time, that are always relevant. For example, if you have a post on your ‘Best Blog Tips’, this could be a fantastic blog post that readers would love to visit even years later; but if the photo isn’t appealing, less people will click. So have a look through your archive and make sure your best blog posts have the best photographs!


Products featured

I’ve found a lot of these I’ve had to keep the same to be honest. However, there are one or two product reviews I like to keep updated, as they are still popular and still bring traffic. So it’s always worth going back and checking your review is still relevant, written well, and features a handy link for people to buy it themselves.


Link checking

So important! Checking your old links aren’t broken and dead is so, so good for your blog. Also if you’ve done posts that are related/based on similar subjects, it could be great to link them to each other and improve your DA while you’re there.


Gathering evergreen posts

Back to the evergreen posts! This has been my favourite part of editing old blog posts. I’ve had a chance to go through almost four years of posts, and I realised I have a lot of content I still love, that I never promote anymore. I’ve started changing this, and I feel so proud of myself now for creating such a world of content! I even have a bookmarks file on my browser for all my favourite posts now, old or new. It’s handy to have, when I want to schedule tweets and don’t want the same thing going out all the time.


More to feature

New readers who visit your blog will discover so much more of your fantastic content if you’ve kept it all up to date and really appealing. It also means if you have features on your blog like ‘Popular posts’ or a feature that showcases random posts through your archive (like the one I have at the very top of my blog!) – then it’s never going to show something that you’re a bit embarrassed by now. I mean that blog post moaning about your mum three years ago might not be what you want on your blog these days, but that’s your call! Haha 🙂


I’ve absolutely loved updating my old posts, and I’m nowhere near done yet. I’ve outright deleted some too, that were REALLY outdated, written terribly, about old products, or I just don’t like anymore. My blog now feels all fresh, new, and full of good stuff. Yay! As I say it’s totally your call and this only really applies to some styles of blog of course. If your blog is a personal diary recording your life, you won’t want to change it; and that’s wonderful! However, if you do think think could be for you, I hope you’ve found this post helpful.

Good luck guys!




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