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Luxury Home Decor

23rd January 2017

As many of you know already; this coming May, Gary and I are packing up our bags, loading a van, putting Luna in her little kitty travel box and heading right down to the bottom of the country, to Plymouth. We’re moving into our big grown up home!

We’re very lucky to be able to have our own home, as we never ever thought that would be possible. At least not for yeaaarrrrs anyway. But with the greatest plot twist, Gary’s mum offered to let us have the family home. She was living somewhere else anyway and renting it out, and she always planned on giving it to Gary anyway (only child, pfft, spoiled.. haha), so why not now? I do a little squeal every time I realise this will be OUR family home now, and where we’ll truly feel settled and at home. No longer renting or planning on moving next year, or the year after. But staying put, and making nice roots there.

Within all this excitement is my absolute eagerness to create a home we’ll truly love, and so I’ve become obsessed with home decor. I have a definite pretty, girly aesthetic I’d like to stick to, with a POP of colour and personality here and there!

I’ve been browsing Cox & Cox home decor* for stunning pieces and total luxury, and I think the items shown above are my favourites! C&C offer the ultimate chic and sleek experience to add a touch of glamour into your home, but with quality pieces that will really stand the test of time.

I’m so in love with the three metal suitcases, and I would love to keep these on display somewhere prominently. Same goes for the Majestic Deer Head which is a total bargain at just £35. I’d love to drape fairy lights over this guy!

I love the idea of using pastels, greys and whites all around the house; especially in the living room. I’d maybe like to keep the bedroom to really bright and clean looking whites and greys though. Hmm.. maybe a blush pink or touch of copper in there somewhere? We’ll see! I’m SO, so excited. Definitely throw your home decor tips, links and ideas at me guys! I’m also really interested in getting my DIY on, so Pinterest will be my best friend as soon as we move, haha.


What about you guys, what colour schemes do you love, or what DIY projects would you love to try??

Let me know! 🙂




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