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Sunday Catch Up

15th January 2017

Hi guys! Happy Sunday. I hope you’ve had a good week, and are feeling happy and rested for the week ahead! I feel like I’m ending this week on a great high, it’s not been a baddun’ at all. After talking in a blog post at the start of the week about feeling lonely, so many people reached out to me; and it was truly amazing. I was shocked and surprised by how many people related to what I wrote, but I thought it was quite comforting too.

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  Since then, I’ve felt much better about everything and this week has been pretty damn good! Gary and I watched The Martian last night which was absolutely brilliant. I’ve never screamed more at a movie though; there were some nail biting moments that had me on the edge of my seat. I also did a little baking this week; brownies (good for me) and rice crispy cakes LOL. Okay I know the latter can’t count as baking, but I made them and they were yummy.

Movies and baking? Hmm, sounds like you’ve had a little free time for once Jemma? Well you’re right dear reader. I am SO HAPPY about this. I smashed through my schedule of work and was forced to cut down on some things whether I liked it or not. This meant this weekend I found myself with a few hours to spare here and there, amazing! I had a chance to read quietly (I am SO WILD), take cute photos on my Instax (a post on this soon), plan for when we move to Plymouth in May (we’ve found the cutest pink sofa!) and draw for the sake of drawing (yay!).

Oh, and last night I totally cleared out my wardrobes and completely reorganised it. I managed to bag up two huge bin bags of clothes, which I’ll be taking the charity shop. I feel like I’ve cleansed my collection, and I’ve made a note about what pieces I actually need to buy myself.

I have been absolutely desperate for this kind of down time, even though it probably seems trivial to you guys. I’ve been quite antisocial for the past month or so; because I’ve been so busy and whenever I do have a tiny bit of time off, I’ve just wanted to spend it doing nothing to be honest. I’m sure I’ll be a social butterfly again soon, but right now I just desperately need this time alone to hang with Gary and recuperate a little.

And finally this week I’m totally loving how my drawings have seemed to have found their own (hopefully signature) look. I’m finding my own style that I love, and I’m just hoping it gets better and better.

You can keep up with my daily illustrations here.  


I hope you guys have a lovely week, let’s hope this positive mood sticks around! 🙂



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