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45 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

26th March 2017

Stuck in a bit of a blogging rut? Need a few prompts for blog posts? I have just the thing for you! I’ve created a list of 45 awesome blog post ideas for Lifestyle bloggers, and I wanted to share it with you guys today! I’m always brimming with ideas, and I have a huge spreadsheet dedicated to them; so why not share some of ’em, eh?

I hope it helps, remember to share it with others or keep it bookmarked to refer back to! 🙂


1. Write a list of your favourite all time memories.
2. Share tips on something you’re good at.
3. Do a post on your family, with photos, memories, quirks (with their permission!)
4. Write a list of things that inspire you.
5. Share your tips on getting out of a bad mood.
6. Goals; tell us yours and how you plan on achieving them.
7. Write about your favourite books.
8. Write about a time you felt most nervous and how you overcame it.
9. Share your favourite movies of all time.
10. Write an open letter to a hero of yours.
11. Show us a collection of yours; makeup, books, crafts, stickers, anything!
12. List things you wish you’d been taught in school.
13. Get positive! Tell your readers things you love about yourself.
14. Life lately – tell your readers what’s been going on this week/month.
15. Share a recipe you love.
16. Write a short story or poem.
17. List 10 people you’d like to meet and why.
18. Write a list of books you want to read this year.
19. List your pet peeves.
20. Share your favourite podcasts.
21. Interview someone you admire.
22. Share your opinions on current events that interest you.
23. List ideas for people wanting something to do on their day off.
24. Put together some tips for people looking for a job in your field.
25. Write about things that make you feel confident.
26. List little things you miss about school/college/uni.
27. Put together a fun guide of your local town/city.
28. Share your little tips for staying organised.
29. Show your work space.
30. Feature another blogger, telling your audience why they should follow them.
31. Write about your dream job.
32. List 20 things you’re thankful for this month.
33. Blogger mail! Share your goodies you’ve gotten in the post.
34. Write a bucket list.
35. Review a local small business/coffee shop/restaurant.
36. Get creative and share a recent crafty/DIY project.
37. What helps you stay productive? Share tips.
38. Give us a peep inside your bullet journal, if you have one.
39. Create a list of your favourite bloggers & share the love!
40. List things your readers might not know about you.
41. Review a brand new movie (warn people about spoilers!)
42. List all the hobbies you love that don’t involve technology.
43. Tell us all the things you love about the current/upcoming season.
44. Be honest! Share all your insecurities.
45. Share your tips on growing a particular social media platform.





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