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Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts

20th March 2017

It’s almost Mother’s day; which means most of us are frantically trying to think of something sweet to give our good ol’ Mums to show we care. Whether it’s her fave beauty products, ‘tokens’ for unlimited foot rubs and cups of tea, or just copious amounts of chocolate; it’s that week of searching for the perfect gift.

For me? I have the trickiest mum in the book, seriously. She’s not a big chocolate eater, she doesn’t like flowers (seriously) and she doesn’t know a cleanser from a moisturiser. Hmm. Great. You are a tricky beast Joan.

However, she does love to get lots of beauty treats and feel pampered, even if I have to explain them to her! In fact, she loves when I get sent loads of beauty samples, as when there’s a bunch that don’t work for me; I’ll give ’em to her.

So recently I was sent the Bayliss & Harding La Maison Heart Set* and it’s pastel pink tones sent me all in a flurry – gorgeous, right?! However tempted I was to keep for myself, I knew it’s something my Mum would appreciate – so it’s going in Joan’s pile of gifts!

The set includes Massage Body Balm Lotion (which yes… means foot rubs ahoy) and Refreshing Body Cleanser, both in the Linen Rose & Cotton scent which is absolutely beautiful. I took a sniff and it’s light and pretty scent screams Spring time. Joan likes to smell like flowers, but not actually have flowers. Yes, logic.

This beautiful set is luxurious and a bargain too, at just £9.99 on Amazon. This also means a bonus of having Amazon Prime available, so last minute orders are still okay!

Joan’s going to be absolutely buzzing, haha.

The second little gem I had lined up for Mum was the Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum*. Murad are a brand I know and love, with their Oil Control Mask being one of my favourite ever products. So I was fully on board with introducing Joan to them. However…

Okay here’s the thing. The Youth Renewal Serum sounded AMAZING. Like.. uuhhh-mazz-ing. It’s priced at £65 which is the first thing I noticed, I was wincing at the thought of spending that much on a serum to be honest. But noticing the price made me look into it more, to find out why. This product promises to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revealing smoother skin and giving a gorgeous youthful glow, and helps to firm and tone deep into the skin. It uses Retinol, which helps to maintain the elasticity in skin, literally keeping it younger!

So.. yeah, I got tempted. I started trying it out. I know, it was meant for Joan but damn guys I deserve this. I’m a good person, right?? She wouldn’t have appreciated it anyway. Okay, stop, I know, I’m awful. But DAMN this stuff is good. Full disclosure here I’ve only been using this for just over one week, so I KNOW I need longer for a 100% accurate review, and I want you to know that upfront. However in this one week three things have happened; the bags under my eyes have visibly reduced, my skin looks less red and blotchy, and the skin around my nose (my problem area) is moisturised, nourished and looking much healthier. I feel like I’m glowing!

Anyway, I’m keeping the Murad Youth Serum for me. I turn 29 next month and it’s about time I start packing some really good anti-aging stuff on my face, so wish me luck. I thoroughly recommend trying it for yourself! (Or your own mum if you aren’t selfish like me.)

Other fab ideas for Mothers Day include prosecco, taking your mum on a ‘date’, spa treats and just doing the dishes.

What will you guys be doing for the Joan in your life?




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