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The Makeup Revolution 3rd Birthday Party

28th March 2017

Hi gang! As many of you know, last week I made the trip to London with eager excitement, to attend the Makeup Revolution 3rd Birthday party celebration. I was so, so happy to be invited – because last year I got invited but was unable to attend, and I was HEARTBROKEN.

I have loved Makeup Revolution for so long now; their passion for new beauty, affordable products, and connecting with their consumers is totally refreshing! So to celebrate 3 years felt really, really special.

I got the coach down to London, had a browse around and even took a peep at Buckingham Palace. But soon enough it was time to meet Paige, Millie and Fiona to all get ready together and then head to the party!

The party itself was AMAZING. The venue was absolutely beautiful, it was already packed when we got there, and I noticed the open bar immediately, YASSSS. There were so many people I knew and loved already, and lots of new faces I was keen to meet!

Makeup Revolution had really made a HUGE effort on the night, and really pulled out all the stops to make it wonderful for all attending. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my videos of the dancers – they were phenomenal! There were also photobooths, which gave lovely print out photos, AND these awesome gifs sent to our phones!…

I was SO impressed with this, it was so cool and something I’d not seen anywhere else! We partied the night away, getting a little bit drunk to say the least, and I honestly had the time of my life!

For those who may not know, the past few months have really seen a spike in my social anxiety. My self confidence has been AWFUL tbh, and I’ve never felt less like myself. So I was really nervous to attend this event, in case I had a panic attack, or just curled in a ball and cried…

But I shouldn’t have worried! I was with such lovely, hilarious, amazing people and I met even more than I expected. Everyone was so, so friendly and I had the best night ever. I am SO glad I was feeling brave and decided to attend.

Adam (the Makeup Rev founder and hero) was an absolute delight, and really made everyone feel special. I cannot thank the whole MUR team enough for putting on such a wonderful event, I know so many of us truly felt appreciated, and like one big family! It was lovely.

We were even lucky enough to be given goodybags afterwards, and there are some absolute gems in there! I’ve featured some photos here for you guys to peep at, but I will definitely be writing a proper review of my favourites soon 🙂 So keep an eye out for that!


It was an event I won’t forget, held by a brand I truly love, filled with new friends I now adore! Here’s to all the #Revoholics out there 🙂




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