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10 Goals For April

1st April 2017

I absolutely LOVE setting goals for myself, I’m a bit addicted truth be told. Whether it’s daily goals, weekly, monthly, or yearly; you better believe I have a lil list somewhere ticking things off as I go. It’s good to feel motivated, and having a visual list for that only helps me more.

So today I thought I’d share with you guys my ten goals for this month! Some are big, some are real small, but either way I’m hoping by this time next month I’ll have achieved them all.

Wish me luck!…

1. I need to get riding my bike more, and the weather is picking up so I have no excuse! I just need to pull myself away from the computer. Maybe if I try get into a routine of cycling each morning? Hmm.

2. Get totally on top of my blogging schedule. As in, I want at least 2 week’s worth of posts written and photographed, ready to go, for when me move house at the end of April. I’ll have so much going on that it’ll be lovely to know I have content ready to keep this blog nice and regular. That sounds like I’m talking about my blog having a poo oh my god.

3. Sell all Etsy products that I won’t be renewing. There are some sticker packs, prints, notebooks & paintings on Etsy that I’d love to sell before I move to Plymouth. Because once they’re gone, they’re gone, and it’d be much easier to sell them rather than take them all to Plymouth. If you’d like to help a girl out, these, these and these all need homes especially! 🙂

4. See as many people as possible, before we move! I know a lot of my goals are related to the move, but it’s definitely going to take up a lot of focus this month. I’m hoping I get a chance to say goodbye to all my faves before I go.

5. Have 2 days off a week, for myself. No work, no responsibilities. Just days purely to do ‘whatever I fancy‘. This sounds really easy, but I honestly get a bit stressed if I’m not working. I always feel like I have to be doing ‘something’, or I feel bad. I’m going to try my best to get out of this bad habit and enjoy myself.

6. Bake something – possibly Easter related? Hmm. I’m crap at baking but I love it anyway! IF you have any suggestions for something super easy and yummy, do let me know.

7. Find at least 3 new blogs to love (share suggestions below!). I’d love to focus on creative blogs, ones packed with personality/colour/quirks.

8. Try a Liverpool restaurant I never have before.

9. Have a lovely birthday! Yep, April 16th is my birthday and I’ll be turning 29 (no, shhh, I mean 19). I know it’s also Easter that day and many of you will be tucking into chocolate, but I’m hoping it’ll also be an extra fun day for me. I’m not quite sure what I’d like, although I have suggested makeup to Gary, haha. As long as it’s a nice day, I don’t really care.

10. Hit 20,000 on Twitter. Okay, probably not gonna happen, LOL. But a girl can dream! It means I’d need about 800 followers this month, and that’s a helluvalot! I don’t usually get that many a month, so it’s probably wishful thinking. But damn, I’d love to smash that milestone!


What about you guys? What are your April goals?! 🙂




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