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Cute Birthday Wishlist

7th April 2017

I love birthdays, I’m one of those people that counts down to their birthday; and this year is no different! It’s just over one week until I turn 29 (on Easter Sunday, if anyone is interested!), and I can’t help but think about all the things on my wishlist.

I do this purely for fun to be honest; because I’m way too poor to buy myself anything, and I actually don’t expect any gifts from ANYONE. So these wishlists just keep me sane I guess! And I suppose I can refer back to it when I have some spare pennies 🙂


I love anything a little bit cute, colourful, unique or fun, and I reckon my little wishlist embodies that perfectly!


1. Vans white rainbow themed sweatshirt £50 – Eeek, I can’t see myself spending this much on a jumper right now; but gosh isn’t it gorgeous?! And it matches my new hair!

2. ‘Whatcha thinkin bout’ journal – I absolutely love journals; they’re always so cute! This one looks especially pretty.

3. Personalised acrylic cactus necklace £6 (from Lisa Angel) – Oh em geeee, this is so me! I absolutely adore it ^_^ And only £6?!

4. Printsome personalised tote bags and personalised t-shirts – Eeep, I want my designs on tote bags and Tshirts! There are a range of awesome options, products, colours and sizes for EVERYTHING available on Printsome!* They have recently launched in Spain too which is pretty cool. I especially love the gorgeous, high quality tote bags, and I’d love to see one of my ‘Love is Love’ designs on the front. What do you guys think?! Please let me know and I’ll try make this happen!

5. Urban Decay Afterdark Palette – I do love Urban Decay, they always tease me with gorgeous products and this one is no exception. This palette contains 10 jewel toned gorgeous shades perfect for any night owl, YAY.

6. Glamorous off shoulder pink pom pom dress £20 from ASOS – This beauty is so, so quirky! I think this would suit so many different shapes, and I’d feel like my colourful self is shining through! Plus I love anything with a pom pom!


Apart from that, my wishlist includes a bottle of wine, some pretty flowers, and a night snuggling Gary and the kitties. Or Matthew Gray Gubler. Either way, y’know! 😉


If you fancy making my birthday extra special, grab something from my Etsy and I’ll love you FOREVER! <3



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