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Indyluxe Makeup Brushes

17th April 2017
Pink Pearlescent Unicorn Brushes Indyluxe

Indyluxe makeup brushes

I recently had the amazing chance to receive some absolutely BEAUTIFUL makeup brushes, courtesy of a shiny new brand you’ll all want to know about – Indyluxe. These new kids on the black have made a serious impression already, sporting the prettiest brushes around you could ask for.

I was kindly sent the Pink Pearlescent Unicorn Set* which consists of eight different brushes. This is priced on the website for £22; which is a bargain when you consider that’s just £2.75 per brush!

Pink Pearlescent Unicorn Brushes Indyluxe

I fell totally in love with the set as soon as I seen them. The shiny, almost holographic handles, and baby pink accents screamed out to me, and I knew they’d be perfect for me. Indyluxe does also already have another pretty set too; the rose gold set, which looks so professional and classy. Definitely one for bloggers obsessed with rose gold!

The set features a range of different sizes and shapes, perfect for all round makeup use. 3 Large brushes, 3 medium/small, and 2 teeny tiny ones for precision use. With this range I’ve found myself able to use all brushes for contouring, highlight, eyeshadow blending, and applying blusher.

Each brush is made with SUPER soft synthetic fibers which are cruelty free and vegan; YAY! I’ve found that they apply my makeup beautifully, and give an even finish; whether I’m using powders or cream eyeshadows. They tackle all really well!

The only thing I didn’t even try using them for, was for applying foundation. And this is only because personally I always apply my foundation with a very tightly packed thick brush, for full coverage makeup. These brushes all have a wonderful, feathery, softer feel; which I know others will prefer. However I thought it worth noting I haven’t tried them with foundation, but have had real success with all other makeup application.

These luxury looking brushes are a beautiful addition to my makeup bag, and don’t come with a large price tag either. As a cruelty free, vegan small biz brand, who have managed to create something so pretty and effective, with such a low asking price – Indyluxe is definitely a brand I want to support!

And the best part? I’m holding a giveaway for a set of these brushes in the next Girl Gang newsletter! So make sure you’re signed up here. However if you can’t wait, grab your own set here! Use code ‘DORKFACE’ and get an amazing 20% off!!

What do you guys think? 🙂




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