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Photo Diary | Life Lately

12th April 2017

The past week or two has been really good around here, and I’ve felt like it’s recharged my batteries a little bit. You know when you just need a break from the norm, to reassess, get some air, and come back feeling more like yourself? Yep, that. So I thought I’d share some photos of what I’ve been up to lately and check in with you guys πŸ™‚ So I hope you don’t mind a photo heavy post!

Last week myself and two of my best friends; Stacey and Clare, took a drive to Wales for the day. We wanted to pack a picnic, leave Liverpool behind for the day, have a good ol’ catch up and enjoy some fresh air. We’ve been friends for over 10 years now, and I’m going to miss these girls like hell when I move to Plymouth. I’m determined to make them visit me often though, even if I have to drag them!

We got some tea and cakes at a little local tea shop, had a full on awesome picnic sat by the river, and took a wander throughout the little town we were in. Please don’t ask me where we were or how to spell it! It’s much easier for me to just say North Wales, haha.

It was fab being able to play on swings (yes, we’re big kids), have a gossip, and put the world to rights with two fierce ladies I admire.

The other exciting thing that happened recently, was our new kitty addition to the household; Pixi! We always intended to get another cat (and a dog somewhere down the line!), however we didn’t plan on this until AFTER we’d moved and settled into our new house in Plymouth. But it seems fate had different ideas… Okay, it weren’t fate at all. It was me begging Gary until he gave in!

A friend of Gary’s got in touch saying he was trying to find a home for this cute little baby kitten, and did we want to take her? I immediately jumped at the chance, and guilted Gary by saying this little babe wouldn’t end up with a nice family like us otherwise, HA. It worked though, as Pixi joined our household that very same day!

She’s settled in SO well, instantly really. She has endless energy and only needs small little naps to keep her going. Our other kitty Luna, is much more reserved, so she’s been really shy around Pixi so far. They seem to mind their own business and get on with things okay though, so all looks good! We’re going to do everything we can to make them both feel at home with each other, and I’m so, so happy to have another little fur baby to squish! You can find LOADS more pics and videos of Pixi and Luna on my Instagram stories.


Speaking on animals, I’ve recently created a few more pet-themed products on my Etsy store! I have new doggy stickers and greeting cards, and I also have kitty ones on there too if that’s your thing! πŸ™‚

THE HAIR. You’ve all seen the hair now; but I’m still obsessed. I wrote about the full transformation here, and I can’t quite get over how awesome it looks (if I do say so myself!). I feel totally Summery and ready to love myself again, after a few crappy months of feeling really low about myself.

And finally, I really do have to say a HUGE thank you to Sharon, who so very kindly sent me the most awesome birthday parcel ever! My birthday isn’t until the 16th (this Sunday, EEP!), but she is an early bird and got this whisked off to me early, as a surprise! I had no idea, and when I opened it I felt really naughty for doing so early, but so, so grateful to have such wonderful blogging friends! HOW NICE IS THAT?!

It’s filled with beauty treats, cute stationery (UNICORN PENS!) and loads of little trinkets which she knew I’d LOVE, along with the cutest happy birthday card! I’ll openly admit I’m a birthday whore; I tell everyone and anyone about it, and celebrate like it’s the most special day of the year. However, I’m still so amazed and overwhelmed when people treat me. A birthday tweet is enough to make me happy, so you can imagine how much this meant to me from Sharon.


So I’ve had a pretty good start to April, how about you guys?
I’ll try do more photo diaries at least once a month, as I think they’re so much fun! Let me know what you think! πŸ™‚




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