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Pretty Makeup From Makeup Revolution

4th April 2017

Makeup Revolution Beauty Makeup

I wish I were one of those super cool, minimalist peeps who doesn’t buy anything they don’t need, lives solely off the earth and understands what gluten is.

I am not one of those people. I honestly wish I were sometimes, but hey ho there we go! I buy things. I mean, I’m usually too poor to splurge on anything much, but yeah I love to shop. I get a little rush buying something new and pretty and taking it home in its new shiny packaging.

This is why I love Makeup Revolution; totally affordable makeup, gorgeous quality and they always have something new for me to check out. So I don’t feel as bad if I happen to treat myself to something, because the prices are so good!

Makeup Revolution Beauty Palette

So recently I decided to treat myself to one or two new little bits from Makeup Rev; the I Heart Makeup Pink Fizz palette, Vivid Baked Highlighter in ‘Golden Lights’, and Renaissance Lipstick in ‘Revive’. All super pretty, girly, and perfect for Spring/Summer!

Makeup Revolution Lipstick Revive

The Renaissance Lipstick is absolutely GORGEOUS, and I’ve already ordered more of this range of lippies. This shade is ‘Revive‘ which is a truly ‘princessy’ blush pink. It looks beautiful and is perfectly suited to this warmer weather. The formula is super smooth, soft and full of moisture. The lasting power is pretty good; I wouldn’t say the absolute best and longest of all lippies ever; but it’s pretty damn good. It lasted a good few hours (maybe 4), during which I was eating and drinking and didn’t have to reapply. I know you can’t really see on my photo of this lipstick, but it has a very subtle shimmer look to it too. It doesn’t apply like this, so there’s no fear of looking like tinkerbell (if that’s not your thing!), but it does look truly beautiful and I appreciate the packaging and look of this product as a whole. For only £4 I’m truly in awe, and can’t wait to try other shades!

Makeup Revolution Beauty Highlighter

The Vivid Baked Highlighter in ‘Golden Lights‘ is an icy, white gold shade that truly lightens and brightens upon the skin. It’s really super pigmented so you only need a small amount to create a striking effect too, yay! Even on my very pale/fair skin, this shows up really well.

Makeup Revolution Highlighter

I got an amazing batch of compliments from people in the first few days of wearing this, so it;s definitely my go-to now! At only £3 it’s cheaper than any other highlighter I own too, which is incredible. This highlighter also comes in ‘Peach Lights’ too, which is a more rosey shade of highlight. It looks gorgeous, so I could be tempted; but I knew a cooler, brighter and lighter shade would be my favourite; so opted for ‘Golden Lights’ first.

And finally, this beautiful Pink Fizz palette; with a range of exciting shades and finishes, making for a truly versatile product.

Makeup Revolution Palette Heart Chocolate Pink Fizz

I’ve already created three VERY different looks using only this palette (one will be up next week!), and I’m so in awe of how much variety it has. For just £8 you can truly grab a bargain, and experiment with styles you may not have otherwise.

Icy whites, golden hues, chocolate browns, pretty pinks and beautiful blues all feature in this palette, and not just for eyeshadow purposes either. I’ve enjoyed using the shade ‘Pink Fizz’ (bottom right corner) as a highlighter too! The pigmentation is really good and the shades blend easily over my eyes and skin. I’m not a fan of the brush included, but that tends to always be the case with any brand anyway. I’m already head over heels for this palette, and it just looks so pretty too!

Just a reminder that you can buy all Makeup Revolution products at Superdrug, and get free delivery if you’re a beauty card holder! This isn’t sponsored at all, I just like reminding people 🙂


Let me know what you guys think!




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